[12.03.20] Shinhwa in the midst of preparing for their best performance since ‘Brand New’

Making their comeback on 23 March, Shinhwa is now preparing for the best performance in their 14-year history.

According to a rep for Shinhwa, “The new song ‘Venus’ is a very upbeat track that has a dreamlike feel to it. The members have decided on this as the title track and have completed a very intense dance choreography for it. They have practised a lot for this and they are preparing for a dazzling performance that is reminiscent of their ‘Brand New’ performance in 2004.

Back in 2006, Shinhwa embarked on their 8th album activities with the ballad ‘Once In A Lifetime’, and did not have any promotional activities for their 9th album in 2008. As such, with ‘Venus’, Shinhwa is promoting with a dance performance after 8 years.

‘Venus’ is written by Andrew Jackson, who has worked with singers like Britney Spears and Leona Lewis, with lyrics written by Lee Minwoo. The teaser video released on 19th March shows the members transformed into vampires, searching for the elusive goddess Venus.

Shinhwa’s 10th album ‘The Return’ will be released on 23 March.

Credits: Osen + Absolut Shinhwa

3 thoughts on “[12.03.20] Shinhwa in the midst of preparing for their best performance since ‘Brand New’

  1. From the mnet interview at the venus filming site, it does look like a reminiscent of brand new, with our boys partnering with female dancers! I’m full of anticipation for the release of the song and mv!!

  2. Today’s song reminds me of my first “encounter” with Shinhwa: watching a Taiwanese drama called My MVP Valentine and frequently hears Perfect Man and Shout played there, that’s when I start listening to Shinhwa, almost a year ago. Thx for playing Perfect Man, that one, together with Brand New, will be my all time Shinhwa’s favourite tunes. However I can’t wait for listening to their latest album too!!

  3. I saw some mentions on Twitter about Shinhwa will promo 2 title tracks, Venus and Hurt (a ballard song)?

    I’m getting addicted to the beat of Venus already. 🙂

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