[12.03.20] Info: Shinhwa 10th album ‘THE RETURN’ tracklist and track introduction

Eric: “Dedicating this album to all the fans who have stayed by our side for 14 years”

Minwoo: “From the beginning until now! This album was made with our passion and hard work. All of you, you are my Venus.”

Dongwan: “With all the members gathered together, it’s an album that turns all of the members’ dreams into reality… I hope you will give a lot of support!”

Hyesung: “The 10th album, made with the passion and hard work of the 6 Shinhwa members – I hope it will stay in your memories for a long time to come..”

Junjin: “As a singer, as a rapper, a lot of hard work was put into this. Please listen to these good songs every single day~”

Andy: “For the long period of time you’ve been waiting, this is our big present to you. Everyone I love you!!”

via enewsworld:

1. On the Road
2. Hurts
3. Venus
4. Red Carpet
5. Move with Me
6. Let It Go
7. Stay
8. Welcome
9. Be my Love
10. Re-love
11. Breathin’

On the Road is described as a Brit-pop song with a heavy acoustic rhythm. The song reflects on the sacrifices the members have made while awaiting their return, the grateful feelings they hold towards their fans and the long journey the six members have come and the journey they will continue on in the future

Hurts is Shinhwa’s ballad title song and the lyrics were written, and vocally directed, by leader Eric. The 8-beat pop ballad also features international singer Frankie J. The rap style for the song is said to feature a new style attempted by Eric to showcase a new side to Shinhwa.

Venus is a pop-electro song and serves as Shinhwa’s title song. Produced by Andrew Jackson, who has worked with global super stars such as Britney Spears and Leona Lewis, the heavy beats of the song follows the current global electronic trend in music. The lyrics are the revelation of a man’s heart towards one woman.

Red Carpet is another electro genre dance song with a thick beat and synth and powerful vocals. The song was jointly produced by member Lee Min Woo and producer Kim Do Hyun.

Move with Me is a hip hop style to showcase the six members rhythmical vocals and Eric’s rap-writing skills.

Let It Go is a special song gifted to Shinhwa by Aziatix member Eddie Shin and Jung Jae Yoon (a.k.a Jae Chong) from the 1990’s group, Solid, with lyrics written by member Shin Hye Sung. The song features an oriental riff and a simple R&B style beat and talks of a man missing the woman that has left him but knowing he has to move on. From the chorus an electric guitar features prominently, giving the track a rock feel.

Stay has a cheerful rhythm and exciting melody and is said to highlight the various different colors of the Shinhwa members.

Welcome opens with a fresh and vigorous sound to make up a solid and powerful track.

Be My Love is a song that encompasses the soul, funk and disco feel of the 1960’s and 1970’s featuring slick grooves and a sweet melody and disco bass guitar and strings to back the track up.

Re-love puts together a powerful synthesizer sound and hip hop beat to a slow tempo to form this urban R&B ballad. With a heavy focus on vocal harmonization between the members for this song, the lyrics are told from the perspective of an individual to his lover to forget the pain and hardships of their life thus far and to start anew together.

Breathin’ is an electronic pop song featuring a dream-like feel and a modern and mysterious groove.

Credits: enewsworld


3 thoughts on “[12.03.20] Info: Shinhwa 10th album ‘THE RETURN’ tracklist and track introduction

  1. Interesting run down of the tracks

    Aside from the title track Venus, I wonder if they’ll perform any other song from the 10th jib at the concert.

  2. Already sounds so good from the description…!
    So, is Hurt the song that made wannie and jinnie complain about the meticulous song director, eric?!

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