[12.03.20] 14-year group Shinhwa almost split because of a burp



During the recording for the 20 March episode of KBS 2TV talkshow ‘Win Win’, Shinhwa shared an incident that almost caused them to disband.

Eric said, “We were having a rehearsal for a music program with other singers. At that time Dongwannie let out a loud burp and then said, ‘Eric ah! Why did you burp’ and put the blame on me.”

Kim Dongwan then laughed as he continued describing the situation then, “Our manager-hyung tried to break up our fight and said, ‘Are you crazy? If you’re going to be like this then quit Shinhwa!’ But Eric paid no attention and said ‘Fine! I’ll quit!’ and continued hitting me. I got agitated and I hit him back too.”

Getting thrown into a disbandment crisis caused by the two members’ senseless fight, the other members couldn’t do anything but to watch nervously from the sidelines.

The conclusion of the fight between Eric and Kim Dongwan will be revealed on ‘Win Win’ on 20 March at 11.15pm KST.

Credits: Mydaily + Absolut Shinhwa

6 thoughts on “[12.03.20] 14-year group Shinhwa almost split because of a burp

  1. LMAO.. They are such little kids… HAHA Fighting cause one blamed the other for burping… Dorks for sure

  2. Tomorrows the next Win Win episodes already and I haven’t even seen the previous one haha…

  3. HAHAHA is this burping something new from another fight cus of farting? LOL

    Cus I remember a while back DW mentioned on a show (the 1st gen idols with Eugene was also guest) about him and another member fought over some farting non sense in a waiting room with some other groups in there. DW farted and asked Eric why he farted or some thing like that and they got into a fight….. hahaha

      1. hehehe these 2 crajees.
        I think the conclusion is they didn’t talk to each other for a year? hahaha

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