[12.03.16] Vid: Shinhwa Broadcast press conference

2012.03.15 Jamsil Students’ Gymnasium

Eric: It’s a variety program starring the 6 members of Shinhwa. Under the format of ‘Shinhwa Broadcasting Station’, we will be presenting different concepts such as documentary, music, comedy, we’ll be trying out each genre. We’ll have fun recording and produce a show that will bring laughter to everyone.

Q: In ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, is there a member who will take up the same type of role as Yoo Jae Suk?
Junjin: The format of our show makes all of us MCs. It’s not led by anyone in particular. Like what Eric-hyung said, we’re a group that has spent more than 14 years together and we’ve spent a lot of time living together, just like real brothers. We’ll work hard to show you things that are real, and also moving and interesting.

Dongwan: There’s no one here who can fill the shoes of someone like Yoo Jae Suk-sshi. As the 6 of us are working on this, although it’s important to have a leader, we’ll like to try a concept where we don’t have the equivalent of a Yoo Jae Suk-sshi.

Junjin: It will be a program brought to you by Shinhwa.

Q: Who’s the member with the best stamina?
Eric: Personally, from what I see, Junjin has natural stamina, whether it’s the start or up at the very end, he’s like our energizer. Junjin, please say something.
Junjin: I’ll embark on our activities with more energy. This has been the Energizer.

Credits: TV Daily + Absolut Shinhwa

5 thoughts on “[12.03.16] Vid: Shinhwa Broadcast press conference

  1. It will be a great,funny show – the guys are quite comical in games,sketch and natural , they’re together thru thick and thin………..the show the Shinhwa way thats nice ,looking forward to it

  2. yay Junjin has been upgraded to be the Energizer! He’s a natural at variety shows!

    LOL-ing at crabbie pulling the mic from Wannie hahaha

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