[12.03.16] Lee Minwoo, “I’d like to invite SNSD to appear on Shinhwa Broadcast”

At the open recording and press meeting for ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ held on 15 March, the members were asked which guests they would like to see on their upcoming variety show on jTBC, ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’.

Lee Minwoo replied, “Girls’ Generation”. He added, “I’d like to meet the current crop of female singers and girl groups. Girl groups are a great source of strength for male groups. I think it will be interesting for us to appear with SNSD.”

Shin Hyesung said, “Firstly we’re trying a concept with just us but if we’re inviting a guest I’d like to invite Junjin’s father Charlie Park. We’ve all known one another for a long time so we should be able to coordinate very well. In the future, getting all of the members’ parents to come for filming isn’t a bad idea too.”

Kim Dongwan said he hoped to invite a gagwoman. “I’d like to compete in co-ed games like judo and running with chairs.”

He continued, “It will be nice to film an outdoor variety competition like ‘1 Night 2 Days’.”

As for Junjin, “I’d like to do a parody of the dating show that Andy was on, and work with people from different fields.” Andy then joked, “Hi everyone, I’m Male No.4.” He continued, “I’d like to invite close friends of the members, and get really competitive in games.”

Lastly, Eric said that he would like to invite sportsmen who don’t usually appear on TV and compete with them.

Credits: Heraldbiz + Absolut Shinhwa

11 thoughts on “[12.03.16] Lee Minwoo, “I’d like to invite SNSD to appear on Shinhwa Broadcast”

  1. I like the parents most, thought it may not pull in the rating like the SNSD one might 😛

    what’s up with the boys and the SNSD gals, from the blackout vid, to the presscon to this XDDD

  2. I’m most excited on hyesung’s suggestion of getting all the members’ parents appear on the show, haha.
    But everyone’s suggestions sound really exciting!

  3. It may be fun if they invite those idols around the same age and same time during the debut like HOT and Hyesung friends like Kangta etc….These personalities seldom appear on programmes , we can have a chance to see them. Shinhwa Broadcast to have them as guest they have so much and similiar topics to talk and to compete strength is fair.

  4. LOL at Jinnie for mentioning “that dating show Andy was on”… he was in that dating show, too XDD

      1. oh really? wow didn’t know that! hahaha I wonder what Solbi had to say about that…

          1. YAH YOU! *points*
            yeah… I still refer to her as the “47kg-yea-right” girl …

  5. These ideas are all soooo FAB except for M’s O_o.. oh well, they cld ask STELLAR u know..
    But just to add, how about SHINHWA MANAGERS??? 🙂

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