[12.03.16] Kim Dongwan cracked his rib during ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ filming

Shinhwa member Kim Dongwan sustained a cracked rib injury during the first filming session for their new variety show ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, but he allayed everyone’s worries when he said that he’s already fine now.

Kim Dongwan, together with fellow Shinhwa members Eric, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung, Junjin and Andy, met up with reporters at the open recording session for the 2nd episode of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, held at the Jamsil Students’ Gymnasium. Kim Dongwan was unable to participate in the games that day due to his injury.

He said, “I cracked my rib during the first filming session so I can’t take part today. But seeing that the members are really putting effort into this, I have the confidence that we’ll continue to work hard.”

According to a rep for Shinhwa, Kim Dongwan had cracked his rib during a game and received treatment at the hospital after filming.

After the press meeting, Kim Dongwan talked to Star News. “I’m fine now and I’m not hindering the recording”, he quipped with his distinctly bright smile.

He added, “I’d like to invite a gagwoman to the show to battle it out in games.”

Eric also said, “Shinhwa Broadcast is a variety program starring the 6 members, and there’ll be all types of content ranging from documentaries and variety to comedy and music. Variety shows like ‘Infinity Challenge’ and ‘1 Night 2 Days’ are great because besides laughter there’s also moving moments. It will be great if ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ can become that kind of program. Personally I’d like to have a survival experience with the members in the backcountry.”

He said, “I hope ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ will receive lots of love for a long time, like how Shinhwa has for the last 14 years. We want to continue with ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ even as we proceed with our individual activities”, adding that he dreams of the show becoming like MBC’s ‘Country Diary’ which had a 22-year run.

The first episode of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ will be aired on jTBC on 17 Mar at 9.55pm KST.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

4 thoughts on “[12.03.16] Kim Dongwan cracked his rib during ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ filming

  1. Oh no…poor Dongwan :((

    You can see it at around 8:30 into the clip, when they were playing rough – Dongwan fell on his side..and then afterwards he was clutching his side with a look of pain, especially at the part when Andy won the seat:

    But kudos for him to keep up the good spirits – they are in their 30s but still acting like boys :)) I feel proud to be a SHCJ since they work so hard to entertain us and are so loyal to their fans :))

  2. Of course… the one with all the medications in his bag gets hurt.. and none of it can fix him! I am glad he is okey tho!

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