[12.03.15] Did you take a ride on Shinhwa’s time machine on ‘Win Win’?

‘Why aren’t there any of such thirty-somethings around me?’

After watching Shinhwa I let out a sigh. Such a shame, why don’t we have such thirty-somethings around us? Shinhwa, the longest-running idol group celebrating their 14th year, is as fabulous as ever.

On the 13 March episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Win Win’, Shinhwa made their return to television after 4 years, and shared previously unknown behind-the-scenes stories from their 14 years together, as well as touched on topics like plastic surgery and relationships.

As the original ‘variety idols’, the Shinhwa members showed off their eloquence on the show. Kim Dongwan said amidst applause and laughter, “These days I’m slowly starting to look at the outward appearances of women”; and Junjin greatly amused the audience as he imitated the very pose he struck for Shinhwa’s nude photobook. Even the other members – Eric, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung, Andy – drew fits of laughter from the studio audience.

But what drew the most attention was their unchanging appearances. Eric, Lee Minwoo, Shin Hyesung and Kim Dongwan were born in 1979 and are 34 years old this year; Junjin was born in 1980 while maknae Andy was born in 1981 and turned 32 this year. As they danced to their hit ‘T.O.P’ from 12 years ago, no traces of their thirty-something years could be seen.

Shinhwa, whose dazzling pretty boy looks are still intact, drew positive responses from viewers. “Looks like maintenance is really important”, “Did they take the time machine back to 10 years ago?”, “Counting down to their comeback”, “I hope the original idols Shinhwa will be together forever”.

Shinhwa, who were active as youth idols together with groups like H.O.T, have fulfilled their promise to “never disband” and have returned once again. Starting their 14th year of activities together, Shinhwa has truly become the legend of the idol world.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

4 thoughts on “[12.03.15] Did you take a ride on Shinhwa’s time machine on ‘Win Win’?

  1. Eric: “We want to show that old things aren’t always worn down or shabby; they can also be stylish” ~ ShinhCom, with your fountain of youth, charm & sophistication… you guys totally give the juniors a run for their money

  2. It was so touching to read this article. :’) Yeah they keep their promise, and it’s so worth waiting!

  3. Absolutely correct Shinhwa members don’t age abit even after 14 years together, I have not see the programme yet, hope it will air the episode in my country.After seeing a clip of the Venus mv and the photoshoots, they are fabulous. same as 4 years ago. I guess guys at thirties, look manly and have lots of charms.THey look younger then their age because they have each other for friendship as confidante, like brothers for get together and comfort., they are always not alone.

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