[12.03.14] Shinhwa releases stills from upcoming MV for ‘Venus’ (via enewsworld)

Original article from enewsworld:

Shinhwa fans, are you still pinching yourself to see if Shinhwa’s upcoming comeback is a dream? Stop doubting – it’s real all right.

After weeks of teasing fans with press conferences, variety appearances and just plain ol′ brotherly love, still cuts from Shinhwa′s music video have been released! Dressed to the nines in classy black outfits, the Shinhwa members are showing that, not only do they still have it, but they′re not holding anything back.

The video for the upcoming title track, Venus, reportedly took place at a special custom-made large-scale set over the course of three days, at a cost of over two hundred million won.

The album is based on a ′vampire′ concept, which is expected to tie into the music video′s storyline. The song is described to be in the electronica genre with member Lee Min Woo having written the lyrics himself.

Shinhwa will begin its broadcast activities through the first broadcast of JTBC’s Shinhwa Broadcast on March 17 and is currently preparing for its upcoming comeback concert at the Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul’s Olympic Park on March 24 and 25.

Photo credit: Shinhwa Company

5 thoughts on “[12.03.14] Shinhwa releases stills from upcoming MV for ‘Venus’ (via enewsworld)

  1. vampire concept! reminds me of BSB’s Backstreet’s Back MV. cant wait for the mv to come out and the track. minwoo will never disappoint.

  2. Regardless, of the amount spent, the set look grand and the dancers, members are awesome in it. it will be spectacular.More of it Minwoo wrote the lyrics of the song. Concept of vampire settng and the theme Black ,cannot be wrong. Its an investment make into the mv ,I think is worth it, spent on it for the Comeback ,the Return maybe huge..
    Shinhwa is giving back the fans with Venus and the mv ,lets look forward to it.

  3. I can see the grandness of the set. It looks ramatic.

    200 millions wons for the custom-made set, no wonder Eric hate signing off expense documents hahahah

    He also said in the earlier tweet that Venus is the most expensive MV Shinhwa ever made…. I love they’re going all out for this MV but at the same time that’s lot money that they won’t recoup back?

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