[12.03.14] Shinhwa members talk about plastic surgery and dating publicly on ‘Win Win’

On the 13 Mar episode of KBS 2TV talkshow ‘Win Win’, Shinhwa members made candid confessions about having work done on their faces before. When the members were asked if they are naturally good-looking, only Eric, Lee Minwoo and Andy replied in the affirmative.

Junjin said, “When we were with SM Entertainment, I received a present (referring to plastic surgery) in my final year of high school”, while Dongwan said, “The tip of my nose was out of shape so I underwent a procedure.” Shin Hyesung said there was some element of coercion in his case. “I couldn’t turn down the proposal made by the company.”

The members also shared their opinions on dating publicly. MC Lee Kikwang asked, “Which members were dating during the period of time when you were active as a group?” The members admitted that they all were dating at one point or another.

In particular, Junjin, Lee Minwoo and Eric had previously made their relationships public, and they shared their thoughts on whether idols should make their relationships public. Eric answered with a firm ‘No’ when the members asked for his opinion, and Junjin felt that, “If marriage is not on the cards, I was thinking, why should it be made public?”

Eric added, “There are cases when there’s no choice except to make it public. I feel that it will cause the girl a lot of hurt if the relationship doesn’t work out eventually.”

Kim Dongwan then said, “People won’t be interested even if we were dating now”, lifting the solemn atmosphere. He added that he was dating someone for 3 years, “but we broke up because we started to hate each other.”

Credits: Newsen + Segye + Absolut Shinhwa

6 thoughts on “[12.03.14] Shinhwa members talk about plastic surgery and dating publicly on ‘Win Win’

  1. I knew Junjin had something done! I’m thinking it’s the nose…perhaps his teeth too…if not braces. It’s unfortunate that he had to add the eyelids too it due to a condition…*sigh*…I miss those eyes.

  2. Like their frankness and open to such kind of topic for conversation. Plastic surgery or not ,there nothing to it as its for corrections and it helps self-esteem and boost self confidence.I view as goodness and be able to talk about it is good. Dating is private and as said it may be harmful to the girl if things do not work out in the end, since they are celebrities and idolise by many fans .But to be able to admit they are into relationship is first stesp for them and being girlfriends of them had to be understanding and also respect their career, so its 2 to clap. WIin-Win – Shinhwa as guests it a must watch episode,.

  3. Totally agree with keeping the relationship private as long as they can till they can’t keep it out of the keen watching eyes any more….

    That’s better to nurture a young relationship + less of a public fanfare if it doesn’t work out for both parties.

  4. I love Shinhwa!!!

    Btw, I thought I heard people say that Eric has plastic surgery before??

    1. it’s was all speculations cus of the photo angles at a movie premiere.
      I’m glad this can put it to rest once & for all 😀

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