[12.03.13] Junjin, “I was foaming at the mouth and I thought I was going to die” + other ‘Win Win’ news

Shinhwa member Junjin talked about his accident that happened years ago on a variety show and confessed, “I nearly died while doing a tumbling somersault..”

During the recording for tonight’s episode of KBS 2TV talkshow ‘Win Win’, Junjin said, “I was doing a tumbling somersault on a variety show when I injured my head severely due to a wrong landing, and I lost consciousness for a while.

Eric went on to add, “Jinnie was on stage, and he was having spasms and foaming at the mouth”, describing the harrowing scene. Junjin continued, “I remember falling down and I couldn’t move my arms. I tried hard to get up and I can’t remember anything after that.”

Eric said, “At that time I think it was the first time that the members cried. The doctor said that night was crucial. Everyone cried upon hearing that.”

In addition, Eric and Andy talked about yet another injury. Eric said, “During our early days, Eagle Five was our rival group and I saw them doing backflips. After seeing that I didn’t want us to lose so I made Andy practice backflips.” Andy added, “I was practising just before going on stage and as I didn’t do it right, I ended up dancing with my neck in a cast.”


Shinhwa sets up Shinhwa Company, “CEO Eric grumbles about having to work overtime”

Shinhwa expressed their nervousness about their first TV appearance since their 10th anniversary concert and also their first joint appearance in 6 years.

During the program, Shinhwa shared their many trials and tribulations they encountered for their comeback. “We pooled together 6 equal portions of capital to set up Shinhwa Company. Eric and Minwoo are co-CEOs while the remaining members are shareholders.”

When talking about Eric, who’s taking on duties of leader and CEO, Shin Hyesung said, “Eric is annoyed that he’s doing overtime work because he was still signing off expense documents in the waiting room just now.”


Shinhwa: Behind the scenes of the first nude photobook of the idol world

Shinhwa shared behind-the-scenes stories about Shinhwa’s Wild nude photobook released in 2001. Shinhwa leader Eric said “We were the first idols to take on a nude photobook.”

Kim Dongwan added, “During promotional activities for our 3rd album, the concept was to take off our clothes. Seeing that, Lee Soo Man suggested that we do a nude photobook and the other members agreed to it after mulling over it for a while. Only Hyesungie objected to it all the way.”

Eric continued, “At the photoshoot, only male staff members were present so Junjin and I were walking around comfortably without wearing anything. But whenever we went to look for Hyesungie after noticing that he was not there, he was always hiding behind a tree to cover his body.”

Shots from the photobook were displayed during the recording and sent the studio into a frenzy. Not just the Shinhwa member themselves, the crew members were also shocked at the level of exposure.

Shinhwa’s ‘Win Win’ episode will be aired today at 11.05pm KST on KBS 2TV.


Credits: TV Report + Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa


5 thoughts on “[12.03.13] Junjin, “I was foaming at the mouth and I thought I was going to die” + other ‘Win Win’ news

  1. Even though these are spoilers, they’re making me anticipate the episode more!

    I’ve heard about Jinnie’s incident a few times but I never heard about the “foaming at the mouth” and “spasms”! The most in depth I’ve heard about it was on that SaeSehWon Show episode… so I’m excited to hear more about it. 😦

  2. It so cute to be able to talk about it ,I like the nude part better …Hahaha.. can we view more of it, I didn’t think that they are actually nude during the phototake, very interesting ???? Eric the leader naturally have to the more of the admin work , he must felt being “bully” .
    To be the longest running idol group, to be first to form own company, to be first to return as 6 after duties ,and to be first to phototake in “nothing” about 11 years ago—-I’m glad I idolise Shinhwa’s members.

  3. JinDy’s incidents we all know, though I didn’t know Junjin was spasming & foaming up after the fall… Must be a very scary scene.

    “Eric is annoyed that he’s doing overtime work because he was still signing off expense documents in the waiting room just now.” ~ HAHAHAHA EVERY ONE HATE PAPER WORKS!!! Specially expenses reports / invoices. I hope he’s not too overwork with the behind the scene stuffs on top of the regular load… He looks tired & a little tensed at show recording & interviews

    It was Lee Soo Man suggesting the photobook… can’t help but wondering if it came with condition lol
    Phew, the crew for the Wild photobook were all male staffs…

    Now I realize Shinhwa has so many 1st’s….. no doubt they’re the pioneer & good role models for the dongsaeng

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