[12.03.12] Vid: Mnet interview (Shinhwa’s title track MV filming)

Voiceover: The 3rd spoiler on ‘Unlocked’ (title of the segment). The original dancing gods of the idol world, Shinhwa. Shall we take a sneak preview at their comeback?
Minwoo: The genre is electronica, the title is *bleep*
Voiceover: Hey hey, that won’t do. How can you not tell us about the part we’re most curious about? Shall we take a peek at their costumes then?
Caption: Black & White, an overall clean and sleek concept
Minwoo: There’s also a highlight in the choreography
Voiceover: It can’t be… this penguin dance is the highlight…???
Jin: Please don’t worry
Voiceover: No… So what’s the name of your title track..? Can’t you tell us even one word..?
Minwoo: 1, 2, 3 *bleep*

Credits: pmz@bestiz + Six Senses + Absolut Shinhwa

5 thoughts on “[12.03.12] Vid: Mnet interview (Shinhwa’s title track MV filming)

  1. How awesome they look, older not abit. If one is not familiar with Shinhwa could mistaken them as new idol group. WOW !!! the Comeback is beyond doubt AWESOME .I’m so excited and Happy to have tickets to see them. Shinhwa ,thank you for returning as 6, looking forwadrd to see you

  2. hahaha penguin dance, who is the inventor? XDD

    They always manage to whip up something crajee <333

  3. Oh wow, they must have been working hard on their dancing! Looks good!!

    LOL at the penguin dance. xD

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