[12.03.12] ShinCom Twitter update: Messages from RicMinSyungJin


[Minwoo] All Shinhwa Changjo~ Time for some excitement~ A while ago I saw the Mnet interview.. Wow a shiver ran through my whole body^^ Please look forward to it, orange goddesses ㅎ


[Eric] The modern vampire concept that we’ve been thinking about since last spring, in the end we didn’t go with all black hair but with the album jacket, the music video, the outfits and even the lyrics that Minwoo wrote for the title track! It all naturally matches so well together that I think this time we’re going to get into trouble.


[Eric] The album is packed with 11 songs and being prepared with packaging of the highest quality, please take some heart-stabilizing pills before viewing the music video~ It will be the best music video befitting the most expensively-produced music video among all of Shinhwa’s music videos~ Coming soon. This has been E-CEO.

[Hyesung] I’m usually not good at bragging… Everyone knows that right? This time I’m going to brag! The music video is totally supersupersupersupersupersupersupersupersupersuper daebak. I hope you’ll look forward to it!!!! Especially since I’m the best-looking….. Ahem…. All 6 of us are good-looking.


[Junjin] As I learnt how to sing now I thought I could rap and sing. But the parts are ambiguous ㅜ But! I’ve put in my best efforts and worked very hard for this album~ I worked so hard~ that the members shared their parts with me and I did a good job ㅎ Please look forward to it!


[Junjun] What will the members do if I say this? If they didn’t hear it, don’t tell them ㅋ In the music video, the members looked like they were in a CF. Even during the dance, instead of a dance it’s more like a scene from a CF. Let’s look forward to it. Coming soon* (looks like Eric)

*note: Junjin made a pun on the Korean phrase for ‘coming soon’, which is 개봉박두 (kaebong bakdoo). Instead he wrote 개봉강두 (kaebong kangdoo). Kang Doo (whose real name is Song Yong Shik) is actually a singer/actor who used to be in indie rock band The Jadu and was in Goong S, and has been said to resemble Eric. I personally don’t really think so, but I’ll leave it to you to decide on that. ^_^

Credits: @ShinhwaCompany + Absolut Shinhwa

10 thoughts on “[12.03.12] ShinCom Twitter update: Messages from RicMinSyungJin

  1. The photo itself is already hotttttttt!!!! ;D

    Song Yoo Shik doesn’t look like Eric! Although, they did rock the similar hairstyles at some point…

  2. Wow Shinhwa members are getting younger by ???? the years, All of you so good looking,(but I have to be abit selfish) my favourite is still Hyesung always so dashing,full of charisma.But this time, I have to agreed all look so handsome, so charming,so…good looking. Black is so mysterious, so cool .I’m sure the mv, the song and the album will be awesome. I wish to buy it at the concert , hope ShinCom has abandant suppy of the album as I’m sure many foreign fans are looking forward to it too

  3. Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! now i am anticipating it ever more!!! when does it come out?! KYAAAHHH!! <33

    1. Some news reports mention 20th for the album.
      No date for the MV just yet, probably before the album release?

  4. I’m excited with that quick peek!!!!
    It looks dramatic, intense yet classy (not quite sure of the smokey eyes though)

    I wonder who suggested the modern vampire theme and if it’s inspired from the fanmade parody poster of Twilight, which Eric also had it as his Facebook profile for quite some time…. https://absolutshinhwa.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/twilightshinhwa.jpg

    hahaha Hyesung we trust your word for it’ll be super super super daebak cus we think so toooo!!!!!

    As for Song Young Shik, I don’t see any resemblance to Eric at all, Junjin has some explaining to do here hahahaha


  5. most expensive MV produced ever out of all shinhwa MVs. hope its within budget though. hahahaha. cant wait for the MV. the suspense is killing

    1. must be affordable cus it’s in production already hehehe

      We should buy more than 1 album to support them 😀

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