[12.03.12] Liveworks CEO Twitter update: I’m very worried


I’m very worried. The 10th album, the title track, the dance choreography, the album jacket, and even the MV have turned out in a Shinhwa-like way. Now the only thing left… The most important concert… The pressure to present everything perfectly is giving me nightmares almost every night ㅠㅠ Friends who see me this way tell me this. ‘The 6 Shinhwa members standing on stage, that is a picture in itself… Don’t worry too much and do whatever you’d normally would do, comfortably^^. Listening to the CD burned according to the concert sequence, I’m driving around Seoul ㅎ I’ll work hard.

Credits: @liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa

3 thoughts on “[12.03.12] Liveworks CEO Twitter update: I’m very worried

  1. Awww don’t stress so much! You’ve got the MV, 10th album, title track and album jackets all done successfully! You deserve a good break. Thanks for working so hard for them! 😀 We all appreciate it and know that you’ve put forth your best!

    (I know she won’t be able to read this message, but I don’t know who else to direct the message towards)

  2. Shinhwa away for so long will definitely able to do good and fill the concert with fun,greatnes and happiness to the fans. One have to give them confidence and just to have fun at the concert. I ‘m sure alot of medias – TV,Newspaper,magazines etc are also anticipating on their Comeback, but we have to give them faith, confidence,and most of all lets celebrate with them instead of negative thought and doubts. We wish for all the Best and everthing is Smooth at the concert. Not performing for so long do have pressure and stress but not, now as its drawing nearer to the Comeback
    Just relax and have fun and hope all is Ok and well.I have Faith in Them !!

  3. at least the album & MV is out of the way…. Every one can concentrate on the concert, in the midst of filming for the Shinhwa Show as well….

    The pressure & anxiety is no doubt mounting…. hope no one will faint on stage & backstage 😀

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