[12.03.12] Vid: Win Win preview + synopsis

Caption: Debuted 14 years ago – The longest-running idol group still in existence, SHINHWA
Caption: Return to broadcast after 6 years!
Hyesung: Sorry, it’s been a really long time since I was on a show
Kikwang: Please don’t be shy
Caption: Shinhwa, they’re back!
Caption: And…
Minwoo: There was a big incident
Caption: The story of their warm friendship and their tears


Text synopsis on ‘Win Win’ website (I personally think the exclamation mark is being abused but oh well.. looks like everyone’s really excited! ^_^)

Kim Seungwoo’s ‘Win Win’
The living legend of the idol world!
The longest-running branded idol group in Korea!
The 6 men are back, Shinhwa!!
Their first story!

Shinhwa, the first talkshow solely dedicated to them since their debut!!
“All the members together on TV after 6 years! Explosion of variety skills!!

Average age of 33.3 years! The longest-running idol group celebrating their 14th year, Shinhwa!
“Now we can say it” Behind-the-scenes stories told by the members!!
From the charm-displaying ‘dance time’ of the good old days to the greeting from their rookie days!
Shinhwa’s unwaning whirlwind variety skills on full blast!!

Shinhwa Company, set up by the returning Shinhwa!!
“Eric and Lee Minwoo are co-CEOs!”

Shinhwa returns with Shinhwa Company, set up with investments from the 6 members!
Eric and Lee Minwoo are co-CEOs,
What is the two co-CEOs’ important duty?

Shinhwa, the first in the idol world to publish a nude photobook!!
“The much talked-about Shinhwa nude photobook, why did they take it all off?”

Shinhwa, the first idol group in Korea to publish a nude photobook!
Achieving the record of selling out all 15,000 limited-edition copies!!
At that time, only Eric and Junjin displayed bold(?) poses,
Revealing for the first time the behind-the-scenes stories of the controversial photobook!

Shinhwa’s “Mystery Guests”!
“Shinhwa and H.O.T! A joint appearance after 12 years!”

Making an appearance for their juniors, “Mystery Guests” Moon Hee Jun-Tony An!
The real Shinhwa according to Moon Hee Jun-Tony An?
Gathering together on one show after a whopping 12 years
The legendary 1st generation idol groups, the true friendship between Shinhwa and H.O.T!!

The longest-running idol group in Korea at 14 years, Shinhwa
A detailed look into their 6-men 6-color deadly charm!!
Laughter and emotions only on ‘Win Win’! Please look forward to it!!

Credits: KBS Win Win homepage + Absolut Shinhwa

8 thoughts on “[12.03.12] Vid: Win Win preview + synopsis

  1. ACK! The boys and Ki!!! My fave’s age range is 1979-1990…. Dongwan-Kikwang.. HAHA. nice

  2. My thought true friendship,brotherhood and faithful to each other seldom exist but Shinhwa proved it wrong.Seeing the 6 it make me want to cry and feel for them of the long, rough road to be here after 14 years. I’m sure it wil be a fantastic episode for “Win Win”, I’ anxiously waiting to watch .Its heart-warming to see all of them to talk about past,present and the onward of their group. Shinhwa will be a great group to watch as all these years they had make Kpop music so wonderful,pleasant to listen to.I do not speak or understand Koeran but music is an universal language,thanks Shinhwa.

  3. HAHAHAHA ERIC’s funny dance in the beginning cracks me up haaaard!!!! HAHAHA

    Can’t wait to hear the candid talk about Andy & the infamous Wild photobook that I still haven’t got my hands on yet 😦

    It’s going to be one hell of an emo episode!

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