[12.03.10] Video: KBS Entertainment Relay interview

The rough gist of the interview:

The reporter congratulates Shinhwa on being selected as the #1 role model by idol groups (Super Junior, SNSD, 2PM, Teen Top etc) and asks them how they feel about it. Dongwan cuts in with his strange sense of humor and says that SNSD is not like Shinhwa because… SNSD’s a girl group. -_-”’ She goes on to add that Yoona said that she wants to continue with SNSD until she becomes an ahjumma. Minwoo says that they’ve gone on for 14 years and they’ll go on for 15 years, 16 years… Eric chokes M a little and says that if he lets Minwoo go on he’ll go counting until he reaches 140. HAHA.

Carrying on. The reporter later says that she’s heard that the relationship between the Shinhwa members and their fans are really different from other idols and fans.

Example 1 – Dongwan said that 8 years ago, when fans stayed around outside the Shinhwa dorm late into the night, he splashed water on them. Minwoo asks Wannie why he did that, Wannie says that because it was hot. AHHHHHHHHH WANNIE~~~

Example 2 – Minwoo says that he remembers his fans as young girls and before he knew it, they have already become mothers and then they apologize to him for bringing their kids along to see him. Minwoo says when he sees them he gets a strange feeling as if those kids are his own kids. Eric turns and gives him the strangest look. HAHAHAHAHA. Anyway Minwoo quickly apologizes and then Wannie asks him if he’s sure those kids aren’t his? DONGWANNIE!!!! Anyway Minwoo says of course not.

The interview cuts to the set of their new MV for ‘Venus’. Dongwan explains that the concept behind the MV is about the 6 members trying to catch hold of the elusive Venus, and wandering around trying to find her.

The reporter asks Shinhwa for some last words and Eric looks at the wrong camera before Dongwan points him to the right one. Eric greets the viewers of Entertainment Relay, saying that Shinhwa has returned after 4 years and that they will continue working hard for the 15th year, 16th year, 17th year… and asks for support and love from the viewers. And with one last ‘We are Shinhwa!’ – end of interview.

Credits: Absolut Shinhwa

15 thoughts on “[12.03.10] Video: KBS Entertainment Relay interview

  1. The 6 members look for Venus, hmm, is it the sign that they need their own Venus? Btw, I actually think it’s kind of cool if the mothers bring their kids to the concert…’cause that’s what Blockheads mamas do too! They bring their kids to the show, and even the NKOTB members occasionally brings their kids on stage, Jon once brought his nephew on stage to sing his part on Step by Step and Joe once brought his son Griffin, so as long as the kids agree with the idea it’s kind of cool to bring the kids to the concert. You don’t have to pay for a baby sitter and introduce the music to the kids, who knows eventually they become a fan too!

    1. would be sooo cool if they could, 2nd generation of SHCJ juniors is in the making 😀

      Though I remember Interpark’s age limit for the concert is 8 year old?

      1. Oh, I have no idea that you have age limit for a concert, but yes I think if the child is under 8 years old he/she can’t understand anything yet. But I think it would be really cool to see the entire family, starting with the grandma, auntie, mother and daughter, together and enjoy the concert. I definitely look forward to see the 2nd generation of SCHJ

  2. I like best, the old and new pic of them , how amazing they have grown into such good looking 6 men. They look so happy and warm and interact so well with each other,mentors to the younger singers , good choice. Eric, Hyesung, Minwoo,Dongwan ,Junjin and Andy – they are the Best, just simply admired for their personalities and music.I’m looking forward to the win-win show, new album and most of the Concert.Take care guys you’re looking good and please stay Healthy and Well.

  3. Why Eric can be so handsome and THAT cute at the same time??? Leader-shi, you kill me totally. Pls, someone help….

    1. can’t help you cus I’m looking for some paramedic myself too hahahha

      I keep replaying that part when Minwo talked thinking fans’ kids are his and Eric gave have that sudden strange look and Andy gave Minu a pat at the back after he apologized. Love how Minu does that :)))

  4. Thanks for the rough gist! 😀

    LOL love hearing about wannie vs fans at the dorms!
    Jinnie was so cute when he laughed at wannie’s joke about SNSD. 😀

  5. they are truly amazing *sniff* I commend the younger groups for looking up to and aspiring to be like Shinhwa but honestly, with everything (and i mean everything) that Shinhwa’s been through, TOGETHER, I don’t think their longevity in the industry can be replicated.

  6. “the concept behind the MV is about the 6 members trying to catch hold of the elusive Venus, and wandering around trying to find her” WHO WILL FIND VENUS?!!! 😀 😀 😀

  7. HAHAHAHA my dorks I love ya!

    Minu and the kid convo is gem 🙂 They all look really good in this show

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