[12.03.09] Shinhwa’s 10-hour ‘Win Win’ recording, with eyes puffy from crying

Shinhwa’s recent recording session of ‘Win Win’ lasted for 10 hours.

A rep from the production team told MK Star Today, “For this special Shinhwa episode, the recording time took twice as long compared to usual as there were so many things they talked about. Recording started at 3pm and only ended at 1am. Usually recording ends by 7pm, but this Shinhwa episode took a particularly long time to record.”

This rep added, “The Shinhwa members not only talked about happy times, but also opened up about unhappy feelings caused by misunderstandings. In particular, the members cried the most when they were talking about Andy. In the past, misunderstandings caused a lot of hurt. Even people watching them got emotional.”

“Even with puffy eyes they conscientiously carried on with filming until the end. The deep sense of attachment among the members could be felt within the cozy atmosphere. I hope everyone will look forward to the special Shinhwa episode.”

Credits: MK + Absolut Shinhwa

6 thoughts on “[12.03.09] Shinhwa’s 10-hour ‘Win Win’ recording, with eyes puffy from crying

  1. so how many hrs will be left out, i wonder!! oh my, this is monday right? can’t wait~~~ eeee!! it’s been so long!

  2. Oh man it’s going to be one emo episode. Shinhwa cried most when talked about Andy, I guess it must be the time when he temporarily took a leave from the group…. I’ve been hearing from the fans the reasons why but not from the members themselves… I guess this time they will talk about it more extensively…

    Keeping tissue box nearby when this comes out….

  3. Cannot WIAT to watch this! I hope it’ll spread over more than 3 episodes!! *fingers crossed*

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