[12.03.09] KBS Twitter pics from recording of ‘Win Win’

Looks like they talked about the Wild photobook HAHAHAHAHAHA 🙂 Of course they have to talk about that ㅋㅋㅋ

Quote from a certain SHCJ from Florida whose sentiments I share: “I hope they asked if there will be a Wild photobook Part 2” 🙂

Credits: @kbs_exclusive


6 thoughts on “[12.03.09] KBS Twitter pics from recording of ‘Win Win’

  1. i love that photobook for obvious reasons! especially love all of Wannie’s photos. XD but the teasing about the photos will be hilarious~

  2. You know, because I got to know Shinhwa only 4 years ago, I didn’t get to see this photobook…sad…yeah I kind of want to see it haha. The only pic I saw that showed the buttocks was Junjin…yeah Jinnie we all know how your buttocks look like now haha. I don’t know if I’ll want them to have a second wild photoshoot…BUT if Wannie, Jinne, and Minwoo get their bodies back in shape I don’t mind…


    Peeps on tumblr are commenting they wish their oppas do ‘Wild’ toooo :p
    don’t ya want to pick up that coconut branch and ruuuun off? XDDD

    Not sure if that’s the regular set decors but it looks really nice
    I spy 4 out of 6 wore white pans :d

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