[12.03.09] Dalmatian’s David Kim Facebook update: Eric in the recording studio

Since a long time ago, when Eric-hyung is working, he always comes dressed in a loose hoodie with a beanie / white New Era Back N Forth and walks in with a swagger.. He’s a celebrity on TV but in the recording studio he’s real hip-hop. Total respect.

Eric Mun: Move~ You take my breath and you steal my heart~ You played a big part in this album. Thanks for the hard work!
(note: the first part looks suspiciously like lyrics to me…)

David Kim: Thank you~ Hyung has worked very hard too^^ I’ll always be ready whenever Hyung calls for me 😉 real recognize real!

Credits: David Kim’s Facebook page + Absolut Shinhwa

7 thoughts on “[12.03.09] Dalmatian’s David Kim Facebook update: Eric in the recording studio

  1. raaarw my hip hop warrior raaarw!!!

    This is how I find find interesting & for my cus Eric could dot on that hip hop, to casual, to a prince charming to very sophisticated CEO so effortlessly

    From We Can Get It On to another collab with David Kim? 😀

    1. Phi, I’m just wondering, since Eric’s the rapper in the group, do you happen to know his favourite rapper or hip hop musician who influences him? Thx a bunch!

      1. It’s probably from a long time ago and not sure if it changes since then but it’s Frankie J, Method Man & Puff Daddy… I remember he listened to 50 Cents as well on a fishing trip back in 2008 (from his Cyworld)

          1. must admit, I didn’t like rap before but now I appreciate it much more…. though K-rap is tame compare to western (of course unless for the real hip hop/rappers) XD

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