[12.03.07] ‘Longevity idols’ Shinhwa spending 6 hours a day at dance rehearsals

With their 14th anniversary concert just weeks away, Shinhwa is spending up to 6 hours a day for dance practice.

Shinhwa held their 10th anniversary concert in March 2008 and went on a hiatus as the members enlisted for military service. Returning after 4 years, Shinhwa will be releasing their 10th album in mid-March and also holding a concert titled ‘The Return’ on 24th and 25th March at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena.

For the Seoul concert which will last 2.5 to 3 hours, Shinhwa is sweating it out everyday at rehearsals as they prepare to show off to the fans their 14 years worth of experience. In particular, they are pouring in extra effort into their new electronica title track ‘Venus’. This is not just an opportunity to announce Shinhwa’s presence, it also will allow Shinhwa to show off to everyone that their power and charisma are unmatched by younger and popular groups. For this, Shinhwa has been working hard on their dance training everyday in a studio in Apgujung.

A rep for Shinhwa said, “Among Shinhwa’s many hits, the song with the most intense and tightest choreography is ‘Brand New’, from the 7th album released in the summer of 2004. I feel that the choreography this time is an upgrade from that.”

Shinhwa’s enthusiasm and determination can be seen from the recording process for the 10th album. Group leader Eric has personally taken on the role of music director for the new album. At the press conference held on 5th March, he said, “Up until now, whether it’s the release of a special album, mini album, single, seasonal album, we haven’t been able to meet the deadlines. This time round, we’ve all worked very hard to meet the deadline. Please look forward to it.”

With the release of their 10th album, Shinhwa will be appearing on programs on all 3 major broadcasters as well as participate in promotional activities. After their Seoul concert, they will embark on their Asia concert tour, starting with Shanghai on 30 April and followed by Japan, other cities in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand.

Credits: Sportsseoul + Absolut Shinhwa

2 thoughts on “[12.03.07] ‘Longevity idols’ Shinhwa spending 6 hours a day at dance rehearsals

  1. Practice is good but take care as well, health is important too. To put effort to practice for the comeback is awesome, but we are equally concern about the member well-being. The concert after 4 years is much anticipated , we want Shinhwa to have fun so as to be able to celebrate too,,Rest well and have enough sleep !!!!

  2. gosh their hours will be crazy, 6hr/day on dance rehearsal, filming for jTBC show, and other TV appearances…. I hope they manage to get some decent sleep & rest time as well as eating well…

    Can’t wait to see this new title song as well as the whole album. It must have something for every one since it represents Shinhwa’s PAST, PRESENCE & FUTURE… kinda songs/style

    Don’t forget to pre-order at least 1 album to support them people 🙂

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