[12.03.06] News photos from Shinhwa’s comeback press conference

3 thoughts on “[12.03.06] News photos from Shinhwa’s comeback press conference

  1. thank you for the wonderful pics, its shows how close and warm ,toward each other. I like their smile and laughter during the interview. Though its a 4 year wait, looks like its all worth it, Shinhwa’s spirit and the member don’t seem to change a bit. I thinks Andy has grown the most among the 6. He looks more matured as of the last concert . Yes I do agreed Ricsung and Ricmin they look gorgeous, I like the way Minwoo and Eric share a conversation its charming and serious .
    together as 6 thats the best pic, thanks for coming back as ONE we miss you and your music. Your music , songs, harmony and dance and all…….its awesome.Kpop scene has a legend who had been there 14 yeras ago and now to continue their mission….Thanks Shinhwa ,I see you guys at the concert.

  2. I went crajeee when I saw my RicSung ship sat next to each other but RicMin had so many cute moments this time XDDD
    Just like this one https://absolutshinhwa.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/c995d143ad4bd113dc6fbc8a5aafa40f4afb05e3.jpg
    and the ear checking/pulling thingie…. sooooo remind me of an old interview when Eric randomly showed off Minbong’s mole on his left ear. May be Eric is checking for new mole at the press con this time?!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Goooosh how fine are these ajusshies??!!! and OMYGEE MY ERIC LOOOK DASHINGLY HAAAWT!!!! XDDD

    Here is the how random Shinhwa interview was: mole, bottle song, re-enactment of Hyesung’s filming the MV

    2004 Mnet – Show Hidden Track segment

    I make it jump right to the mole part, re-watch the full clip if you will. Thank god after all these year and copyright clamp down, I’m so glad this user is spared cus she has many good subbed clips 🙂

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