[12.03.05] ShinCom Twitter update: Live streaming of Shinhwa’s comeback press conference


[Live streaming of Shinhwa’s comeback press conference] 5 March 2012, 3pm KST. KOREA (http://www.mnet.com), tving (http://www.tving.com)/ OVERSEAS (http://global.mnet.com)

Credits: @ShinhwaCompany + Absolut Shinhwa

More specifically for global fans – to view the broadcast:

8 thoughts on “[12.03.05] ShinCom Twitter update: Live streaming of Shinhwa’s comeback press conference

  1. Hello !
    I’ve never participated because, the English and me…. well…. it’s difficult, but, from now, I will try to participate a little more ! Let’s start !
    I’m a big fan of Shinhwa (almost 8 years) and I follow your website everyday (almonst… I don’t know, more than 2 years, i think ?). I want to thank you for that, because it’s a hard job and thanks to you, I can’t be disconnected of what happens to the boys, so… really, really thank you !!

    I have a question about this press conference. I couldn’t see it…. so, I’m terribly sad. Do you know if there is another way to see it now ? Now the broadcast is finished ? I went on Mnet.com but…. it isn’t available. Do you have any ideas ?
    Thank youu~

    1. come out and spazzz… just as to sharp up/practice English in a fun way kekeke

      This is part 1 of the prescon. There’re 6 parts together, you just look for #2 and so on…. 🙂

    2. Forgot to mention I just saw Mnet saying they’ll have a VOD of the presscon in English & Chinese some time this week so be on the look out 🙂

      1. Hey thank you Phi, it’s really nice to share links !
        Yeah, recently I decided to speak English, before I was too lazy…… And, as the saying goes : French want to speak French, everytime and everywhere ! (lol), so now, I will speak French with you guys !… No, I’m kidding…
        I started to watch then, the first 20 minutes and, oww, it’s amazing to see them together once again. When you see that, you understand the time goes so fast but… your love and your pride for Shinhwa are intact. I’m so proud of them !!

      1. hahaha gosh what did I wrote there…. should be love it more… looool

        OMG me too, english tweet/speech/song that they can spare us XDDD

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