[12.03.03] Fanpics: Today’s recording of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ in Ilsan

I have absolutely NO idea what game they are playing…. But I suspect Eric probably cheated his way into getting to wear suits (and boy does he look GOOD or what!) instead of transparent vinyl pants, superhero costumes and caveman fashion ROFLMAO


All images taken from Twitter, Weibo and Naver blogs

And also including a clearer shot of the billboard over at Sinsa Intersection ^^

22 thoughts on “[12.03.03] Fanpics: Today’s recording of ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ in Ilsan

  1. you know, when i saw this post, i was like, okay, they’re filming with crazy costumes, while their great-cool-pose comeback billboard is displayed REALLY big beside them… The people must feel like, The hell, that men in costumes doesn’t look like the Shinhwa on the billboard!!! XD

  2. OMG! I absolutely cannot wait for this to air! I have been ‘patiently’, (seriously) ‘patiently’ waiting for four years for their unification! Actually words can not explain how excited I am right now!! I think I’m gonna faint….this news is too overwhelming.

    I like that poster of all of them. Jinnie looks super cute being the center of attention haha. I loveee loveee Ric in here! He looks so fine. His attire reminds me of his unfinished drama “Wolf.” I’m drooling all over my laptop right now haha. Not liking Jinnie, Wannie, and Hyesungie’s hairdo though…tsk..tsk..tsk……

  3. Till further ‘inspection’ I thought it was a white suit but it’s just a casual coat/jacket, and no, I’m not complaining XDDD

      1. Phi, you are right concerning Andy’s outfit, he even wears a vest underneath, he’s totally dressy! Eric is quite casual, on the other hand

        1. Yup Andy is all decked out! see the flower boutonniere on his lapel? where’s the bride? kekeke
          gosh can’t wait for this to go on air 😀

  4. I JST SO ANTICIPATE this show MUCHO ~~~
    I wanna know the story behind how the eldest and youngest of Shinhwa managed to end up wearing normal clothes and the middle brothers are like… someone fom FAIRYTALES and STORYBOOKS!

    1. uuhm may be team RicDy won over the rock-paper-scissors game? 🙂 🙂 🙂
      the BTS story would be equally interesting ^^

      Gosh can’t wait for this to be on air!!!

  5. Oh Lordy! This is epic!

    What did Eric and Andy did to get the decent outfits? And I wonder what Sungie’s reaction was when he was given his caveman costume? Wannie’s superman costume is a little loose, considering that Wan does have a Superman-like bod. And oh Jinnie, those pants are… um… interesting. *laughs* I want to *glomp* Minbong to death because he looks too cute in that outfit… ^,^

  6. hahahaha evil leader and maknae, maybe they wanna look like 007 or something like that..kekekeke i wwanna see this show very soon…yahhhhh please 24th hurry up

  7. Who’s the guy in black suit standing next to Eric, is it Andy? The funny thing is Eric wears white suit with black shirt underneath while the guy next to him wears the opposite colour, white shirt and black suit. P.S; holy cow, Eric looks dashing!!

  8. RicDy is really good looking in the ‘normal’ wears 🙂 🙂

    though Eric’s outfit is more casual than Andy’s formal suit complete with a boutonnieres. Andy is ready for some one to walk down the aisle 🙂

    Though, I quite dig JinSung ridiculous clear plastic pants & cheetah skirts most!!!

    OMG I hope this is the Shinhwa Show on Jtbc, I want my handsome guys for the photoalbum jacket & MV 😛 😛

    1. Hi there Phi, so it’s Andy then who’s next to Eric, you have a keen eye! I wonder whether Dongwan is the man in Superman costume and is it Hyesung who’s in that animal print skirt?

      1. yup it’s Andy in the black suit! This is the pairing for today filming JinSung, RicDy, WooDong 😀

        yup DW isn in the superman costume and Hyesung is in the animal print skirt (he has very slim legs too hahha)

        LOL-ING at JYP vs. Junjin for clear plastic pant hahaha

        1. Thx Phi, and thank the Lord Junjin wears something under his transparent pants, he he he. And boy do I’m jealous of Hyesung’s legs!

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