[12.02.26] Shinhwa decides on title track for their 10th album after much deliberation

Shinhwa returns after 4 years

Shinhwa is returning in time for their 14th anniversary. With Lee Minwoo concluding his military service on 2 March, he will rejoin his fellow members at the official press conference, kicking off their comeback activities into full gear. Let’s take a look at their preparations for their comeback, which is drawing near.

Choi Byung Jin, CEO of Eric’s management company Top Class Entertainment and director of Shinhwa Company, told OhmyStar on 24 Feb in a phone conversation, “We’re working towards the target of releasing the 10th album on 20th March. The title track has also recently been decided on.”

CEO Choi added that Shinhwa completed their album jacket photoshoot last week. “The test shoot has been done, depending on how the photos turn out we may have another photo shoot.”

Shinhwa’s 10th album comes four years after their 9th album released in 2008. This album consists of 10-11 songs. Now about 70% of the production work for the album has been done. CEO Choi said, “We went through much deliberation in choosing the title track. We should be releasing the album on the 20th before holding the concert on 24/25 March.”

Shinhwa will not only appear on various music programs but will also appear on variety programs as part of their extensive promotional activities.

CEO Choi said, “Although Shinhwa released 2 albums after 2006, but because the members all belonged to different management agencies so there were no large-scale activities. They will be appearing on variety shows after 5 years. They will be making a fair amount of appearances on variety shows and will also be appearing on music programs for more than a month. The focus will be on ‘Shinhwa’s Comeback’.”

Meanwhile, Shinhwa will be holding their comeback press conference on 5 March at CGV Cheongdam in Seoul.

Credits: OhmyStar + Absolut Shinhwa


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