[12.02.26] Shinhwa’s comeback style concept – Simple yet luxurious

Shinhwa is back. The 6 stylish guys. As veterans of the K-pop industry now, in what manner will they present themselves to stir the fans’ hearts? Although we’re curious about their title track, we’re also curious about what kind of dazzling stage costumes and style they will strut around the stage in.

“Shinhwa in the past used to be dressed in idol-style stage costumes, and now everyone knows of Shinhwa. Now they are the godfathers of the K-pop scene. So their overall concept will be a combination of simplicity and luxury.” Stylist Park Ji-young, who is overseeing the styling for Shinhwa’s comeback, explains Shinhwa’s overall simple yet luxurious concept.

She adds, “Shinhwa doesn’t need to be dressed in flamboyant stage costumes like other idols. Because the group Shinhwa itself, the members themselves are glamorous, so they don’t have to adopt a concept of bling-bling stage costumes.”

Ms Park, together with G.I.L Homme designer Seo Eun Gil, will be personally designing the costumes for Shinhwa’s comeback. She said, “The stylist usually picks the fabric and directly starts on production but there are limitations to that so I’m working with desinger Seo Eun Gil. I made my request to him and he was happy to agree.”

She expressed, “We’ll be trying out different treatments on the fabric, such as (color) gradation or dyeing, to create a unique style for Shinhwa to show off.”

Shinhwa will be making their comeback this coming March, in conjunction with their 14th anniversary. The group is making their official comeback after 4 years due to the members having to serve military duty. Shinhwa, whose members have set up Shinhwa Company and are preparing to meet their fans, will be holding their comeback concert ‘The Return’ at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena on 24/25 March.

Credits: OhmyStar + Absolut Shinhwa


4 thoughts on “[12.02.26] Shinhwa’s comeback style concept – Simple yet luxurious

  1. Shinhwa: the godfather of the K pop scene, wow!! What if they dress up in suits and ties and overcoat with the fedora hat? But I think the simple and luxurious concept is better for them now.

  2. Wohooo, can’t wait what style they will show to us. Simplicity and luxury…. that suit Shinhwa really well

  3. “So their overall concept will be a combination of simplicity and luxury” ~ I APPROVE – I APPROVE!!!!! </b 😀

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