[12.02.24] Shinhwa’s comeback press conference to be streamed live to 200 countries

Shinhwa’s comeback press conference will be streamed live to 200 countries.

Shinhwa will be making their first official appearance at their “14th Anniversary Comeback Commemorative Press Conference” to be held on 5 March at CGV Cheongdam. This event will be streamed live to 200 countries, proving their strong international status.

A rep for Shinhwa explained, “It’s Shinhwa’s first official appearance after 4 years, and they’d like to share it with the fans who have been with them for the past 14 years.” In accordance with Shinhwa’s wishes, the event will be streamed live while allowing them to have real-time interaction with the fans.

The online live streaming of the event – the first time to be attempted in Korea – is much anticipated as it will give the members the opportunity to share the meaningful moment with fans from all over the world. The online broadcast is supported by CJ&M, which is also overseeing Shinhwa’s comeback album and concert.

The online broadcast will not only provide the opportunity for fans to witness Shinhwa’s first official activity, it also provides a platform for fans and Shinhwa to interact in real-time via SNS and message posts.

Fans from 200 countries including those in Europe, North America, South America and Asia will be able to view Shinhwa’s press conference ‘live’ on Mnet’s global site. (http://global.mnet.com/shinhwa/index.m)

Fans in Korea will not only get to view the press conference on the Mnet website, they will also be able to access Shinhwa-related news and listen to Shinhwa’s albums. TVing is also opening up a new temporary channel just for this live broadcast. This way, fans can view the broadcast via the TVing app on PC, smartphone or tablet no matter where they are.

Shinhwa Company CEO Eric said, “Being able to share our first official activity as Shinhwa after 4 years together with the fans, we’re already very excited. We’ll be very glad if more fans are able to witness our comeback.”

Meanwhile, Shinhwa’s official fanclub Shinhwa Changjo currently has 170,000 members, and all 20,000 tickets to Shinhwa’s comeback concert on 24-25 March were sold out within 40 minutes from the start of sales.

Credits: TV Report + Absolut Shinhwa


One thought on “[12.02.24] Shinhwa’s comeback press conference to be streamed live to 200 countries

  1. Absolutely over joy about the live press conference!!!

    It’s going to be 2AM Sunday morning for me but there is no way I’ll miss this. 4 long years waiting for this moment… internet, please be behave well that day….

    Make sure you send in your question(s) for Shinhwa buy leaving it in the comment box here >> http://global.mnet.com/shinhwa/index.m Show them some love people 😀

    Another broadcast link as back up to Mnet Global 🙂

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