[12.02.16] Andy’s Weibo updates (10-16 Feb)

10 Feb
I’ve received the panda stuffed toys. It’s their first time riding in an airplane so they look very worn out ㅋㅋ.. Now they’re sleeping at my place. Thank you!


14 Feb
Happy Valentine’ Day! Lonely~ I’m lonely~ I suppose I can only focus wholeheartedly on work.. Although I’m content to have all you fans^^ I’m human too…


16 Feb
Let’s say hello~ Isn’t he cute^^ Later I’ll be meeting everyone in Shanghai. Are you looking forward to it? I’m totally looking forward to it.


Credits: Andy’s Weibo + Absolut Shinhwa

2 thoughts on “[12.02.16] Andy’s Weibo updates (10-16 Feb)

  1. He looks sooo cute in his dark hair or light dark kekeke I hope he can find very soon a good girl for sharing all the good and bad things

  2. Happy Valentine’s day too Andy, you’re not the only who who’s alone and has to work on that Feb. 14 day, so cheer up, love is in the air!
    P.S: what a cute dog!!

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