[12.02.15] ShinCom Twitter updates: Thanks from RicWanSung

[Dongwan] Everyone, thank you very much. In order not to let you regret taking time off your busy schedules to come for the concert, we’ll work hard to be fully prepared. Mansae!!!

[Hyesung] DAE~~~~BAK~~~ I was worried about what to do if not many people are going to come… Indeed~!!!! Even if I bust my throat and break my body I’ll still sing and dance for you, thank you everyone!! ^^*

[Dongwan] How will we get on with our activities if you bust your throat?……>_<

[Eric] If you bust your throat who’s going to sing? If you break the stage where will we hold the concert? Who’s going to pay for the repairs?

[Dongwan] Yeah… Hyesung ah you can’t bust your throat!


[Eric] Let’s be nice to Hyesung from now on

[Eric] Thank you for the support for “The Return” concert~ Yesterday it went on til the wee hours of the morning too, it must have been tough with the sale of cancelled tickets going on from 12am to 4am, I hope those who failed to get tickets will succeed today~ Fighting

Credits: @ShinhwaCompany + Absolut Shinhwa

3 thoughts on “[12.02.15] ShinCom Twitter updates: Thanks from RicWanSung

  1. hyesung was being sentimental/emotionally thankful for the fans’ mega warm response, then dongwan’s & eric’s hilarious replies, he he he. poor hyesungie, ha ha ha.
    I’ll be re-reading this and will be laughing again..
    Shinhwa, saranghe!.

  2. Hahahahahah i just love these dorkies, leader new words: “Let’s be nice to Hyesung from now on” i use my imagination to see Eric say that with the others kekekeke Happy for the news of Sold out i´m waiting for March 24th and searching for all the news about that. I´m ready

  3. Heh ! Hyesung you cannot bust your throat or bust the stage …………….you’re kidding !!!! Shin Hyesung the lead without you Shinhwa is not complete. Shinhwa is 6,lets not get too excited and stay healthy and most of all lets have fun at the concert. We have been anticipating and waitng ,and the chill/thrill in getting the tickets, will not dampen the spirit of the celebrations of your (Shinhwa/ShinCom) reunion . Hyesung , the one who is continuoulsy singing some of Shinhwa’s songs while the rest is doing the Nation duties . We should be thankful /grateful in his effort Shinwa’s Return will make all the fans go GAGA, Excited,reunited as a place for all fans to meet at the concert ,we listen,sing,laugh together with you guys…….its a avenue for Shinhwa fans to congregate and sing the same language-Shinhwa, so lets party and have fun ………..till we meet at the concert .

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