[12.02.15] ShinCom Twitter update: Thanks from MinJinDy


[Minwoo] Just like the refreshing spring sun, good news is always good to have ^^ Can’t wait for the concert!! The news that the tickets have been sold out is the biggest present we’ve had for this new year. Thank you XD


[Junjin] Kyaaa!~~~~~~ Really very very surprised ㅋㅋ Even though it’s been a long time since we’ve held a concert, everyone has given us so much support that I think we’ll be able to do an even better job^^ We’re going to dazzle the stage! ㅎ~~~~


[Andy] Shinhwa Changjo is the best indeed! I love you! Will put in even more more more more more more more effort, fighting~!!!!

Credits: @ShinhwaCompany + Absolut Shinhwa

2 thoughts on “[12.02.15] ShinCom Twitter update: Thanks from MinJinDy

  1. Aww they were actually worried that not many people were going to come to their concert. I guess all artists would be… It must be such an amazing feeling to hear that your concert tickets were sold out! Congratulations agaiiiin!! 😀

  2. Being apart from each other really do make the heart grow fonder. Minwoo,Junjin and Andy very much miss you guys for so long,yes we will meet again at the concert. Big,huge present from us to as being there to see you is that you’d made the promise to see us in 4 years time.We’ll be there if you’re there and lets party ok !

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