[12.02.14] Via enewsworld: Shinhwa’s Comeback Concert Sells Out in 40 Minutes

Via enewsworld:

CJ E&M enewsWorld Oh, MiJung
Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Shinhwa proved its comeback is indeed going to be a big deal by selling out all 20,000 seats for its comeback concert.

The group will be holding its comeback concert The Return in Seoul from March 24-25, four years since its 10th anniversary concert held in 2008. March 24 will give the group all the more reason to celebrate, as the day also marks its 14th anniversary.

A source close to Shinhwa stated, “Although all of the servers on the ticket site were running, the site became inaccessible for a while because there were so many people trying to get tickets. 40 minutes after the tickets were opened, all seats sold out. Sales from ticket sales amount up to 2 billion won.”

Employees are even trying to curb illegal ticket sales online, which are popping up due to the difficulty in getting tickets for the concert.

Member Eric, head CEO of Shinhwa Company, stated, “We’re thankful to those fans who’re allowing Shinhwa to have a splendid comeback after four years. Just as long as the fans have waited, we′ll be presenting them with that great of a performance.”

Eric added, “I also thank Shinhwa Company, which is working hard behind the scenes for Shinhwa’s comeback, the staff from the members’ agencies Open World Entertainment, Top Class Entertainment, Liveworks Company and TOP Media, and the staff from the concert’s hosting company, CJ E&M.”

Photo credit: Shinhwa Company

5 thoughts on “[12.02.14] Via enewsworld: Shinhwa’s Comeback Concert Sells Out in 40 Minutes

  1. Awww congratulations on such a successful reaction from all the fans. I’m jealous of the 20,000 people. 😦

  2. reading this just make me thrilled….very proud of them..
    the trully don’t called “SHINHWA” for nothing..
    really…they are a 신화

    hope they can visit JKT ^_^

  3. I am so happy for them Shinhwa Return must be The Concert for this year. I tried really,really tried for the booking.Guess I am not in luck , Since 2 years ago I ‘ve anticpating for it but is so dissappointed with myself . Good for you guys this show you still have the charisma and the promise you made with fans is near. I wish I can be there to share the joy and celebrate with you , hope your next desination of the tour I will be able to see you . I have to tell you yesterday its so thrilling just booking for the tickets ,. can imagie during the concert it will be awesome. Have fun for those able to get the tickets and enjoy it.

  4. i am sooooooooo happy that shinhwa will indeed be having a splendid comeback. tickets gone in less than an hour. i don’t care if other groups boasts that they sold out in less than 15 minutes, the point is shinhwa has been here 14 years and still fans around the world love them. already lookingforward to their 15th anniversary? hoping that shinhwa members will stay healthy and also the fans- work hard, work smart, and live well, be happy & hopeful always!

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