[12.02.12] ShinCom Twitter updates: Shinhwa tweet-spazzes again…. (Pt 2)

[Minwoo] During the 10th anniversary concert! During the solo dance for Hey Come On, the mic disappeared for a whileㅠ My mic flew towards the fans. It felt like I lost my gun during a battle hoo ㅠ I went dizzy…..

[Minwoo] At that time it was as if the spotlight shone on the mic and it came back to me~ It reached my hands after being passed through the fans’ hands ㅎ And I remember running towards them ㅎㅎ

[Eric] Yes! So after that day, you should pass your mic to me for safekeeping before your solo dance and I’ll hand it over back to you after your solo dance……

[Minwoo] For this concert I’ll be entrusting my mic to Eric so watch out for it ^^

[Hyesung] At the end of the concert… While my eyes were gushing with tears I suddenly realised that my zipper was wide open!!! I furtively hugged Dongwannie and zipped up….. That thrilling feeling was really….

[Hyesung] The combination of being moved to tears and naturally zipping up! Always be careful of accidental exposure~~^^

[Junjin] Seeing his zipper open and not being able to do anything – what me as a dongsaeng was feeling… I wanted to just go over and zip up for you but I was worried that it would create a misunderstanding so my body just stayed put. Andy must have been feeling the same way…

[Junjin] I’m so thankful that I can talk about this now! In future if any of the members have their zipper open I will definitely zip up for you….

[Junjin] The memory of that incident is so vividㅡ

[Minwoo] I totally cracked up ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Now my steering is wobbly

[Junjin] The members’ zippers are my zippers too… I’ve come to think this wayㅡ

[Junjin] The members’ steering wheels are my steering wheels too… I’m thinking this too

[Eric] Let’s all think this way too: the members’ zippers are my zippers too.

Credits: @ShinhwaCompany + Absolut Shinhwa


5 thoughts on “[12.02.12] ShinCom Twitter updates: Shinhwa tweet-spazzes again…. (Pt 2)

  1. Well, Its so funny about zipper. kinda laugh really loud and feel good ,after all they can talk and joke on it. Curious will it repeat this time, I”ll look out for it……just kidding.Though I’m not at the 10th Ann. concert but I watched the DVD and now 4 years later they are reunited and meet at the concert, its so warm and nice feelings .”Hey come on”,” Brand New”, “Perfect men”, “How do I say “(my favourite) and so ,on,.they are such beautiful songs. The new album and concert , it will be a blast and am looking forward to it. I may not understand Korean at all but to see 6 of them as ONE and the expressions they give its rewarding to perhaps understand the dailogue. This is the beginning of Shinhwa and ShinCom ,lets party in March and make it roaring high as is the year of the dragon !! See you guys at the concert (I finally managed to get the tickets).

  2. *bursts out laughing*

    This conversation is so totally Shinhwa! I swear, these guys would be the death of me someday…
    Cause of death? Ruptured lungs and other internal organs from laughing too much.

  3. Hahahahahahahahaha and more hahahahaahahahaha they are the same funny dorkies kekekek So happy cause i really miss this kind of stories, is very hard find this real-casual funny stories from others actual idols, only they can do it. Hahahaha Junjin, he really is… hahaha. Thanks for sharing

  4. it’s so funny how the convo went from mic to zipper unexpectedly….
    but then that is expected of Shinhwa hahahha

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