[12.02.09] ShinCom Twitter update: More spazzing from the members…

[Junjin] We were really worried though….

[Dongwan] But we couldn’t laugh and it was…. really awkward

[Eric] Actually when Hyesung fell in between the steps, we didn’t know why Hyesung was nowhere to be seen and after the performance we still flared up and asked him why didn’t he appear. He got upset and was close to tears as he told us that he fell in between the steps when we were about to go onstage and his armpits were bleeding because he was supporting himself with his elbows.

[Eric] The atmosphere was really sombre, and I had to put my hands in my pockets to pinch my thighs to stop myself from laughing.

[Junjin] Honestly………… I even had to bite my tongue……..

[Junjin] And I was even bleeding a little (I swear!)

[Eric] Let’s be nicer to Hyesung from now onwards ♥♥

[Junjin] I’ve been loving him since before ok

Credits: @ShinhwaCompany + Absolut Shinhwa

6 thoughts on “[12.02.09] ShinCom Twitter update: More spazzing from the members…

  1. Just think 6 guys moving to go to stage and suddenly 1 disappear ? What is the first thought ,Hysesung not there in the line . At the momemnt I’m sure 5 guys would wonder where is he? Poor Hyseung suffers in silence and reprimanded by Eric .Its funny and sad ,its hilarious and concern then………….now its wonderful memory yes, you’ve to care of Hyesung fto make up of 14 years ago.Nice to know that they are really close, as to talk about it now.

  2. I was once in a similar situation, believe me it’s really hard to keep yourself not to laugh when you desperately want to, I ended up going to the restroom to do so, do forgive me mi amigo!

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