[12.02.09] ShinCom Twitter updates: Interesting stories from the past 14 years + stories from members


[Eric] During our trainee days in 1997, at the management company office and rehearsal studio in Bangbae-dong, our first 3 fans who called us BST and always followed us around! One of them was Jungmi, I think.. (Jungmi-sshi, are you here?) Back then the 3 of you were still wearing your school uniforms, I’m curious about where you are now and what you are doing~

[Hyesung] 24 March 1998, our first performance on KM Show Music Tank. Standing on the live stage I was really nervous, it was as if I had a blindfold over my eyes and everything was dark… I worked really hard during the rehearsal so it was such a pity that I didn’t get to use my full power during the live show!

[Hyesung] I remember there were less than 10 fans seated in the front row but they cheered us on with the power of 1,000 fans…. Our unforgettable first performance… I miss it ㅎㅎㅎ

[Eric] Oh! I was thinking of talking about that too… Were there about 5 fans during our first performance? They were just screaming for us…

[Andy] To be precise there were 9 of them!

[Dongwan] During the time when we were living in Seorae Village, in front of Bangbae Middle School… I wanted to ride my bicycle to go for a workout and to avoid the fans I just dashed down the stairs, and I just headed through without knowing that the glass door was closed ㅜㅜ I was so embarrassed that I went upstairs again…

[Eric] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Good!

[Dongwan] The fans just laughed out loud…

[Dongwan] During the Busan concert I fell off the stage too, my shoulder that was operated on got dislocated……. The fans were laughing………..

[Dongwan] Back then in Yongpyeong when we were learning how to snowboard, I fell over and dislocated my shoulder, Minwoo was passing by and I said “Help me!!” And he just laughed and went off…

[Dongwan] Is it funny to see me in pain? -_-;;;

[Eric] During the Dream Concert we wanted to make a cool entrance and while going down the steps Hyesungie fell in between the steps and fell on his elbow, and the fans laughed.

[Junjin] During Eusha Eusha, Hyesungie-hyung did a cool kick in the middle of the song…. But he fell off ㅜ But the fans laughed even louder

Credits: @ShinhwaCompany + Absolut Shinhwa

14 thoughts on “[12.02.09] ShinCom Twitter updates: Interesting stories from the past 14 years + stories from members

  1. Aw I wonder if the first 3 fans of them are still fans. 😦 Hope they read the twitter update!! That would be such a cool reunion.

    LOLOL it seems like anyone getting hurt is a laughing matter to Shinhwa. xD

  2. OMG.. am alone.. and luaghing now.. almost crying….
    OMO! I know they must have been hurt.. but how can one not laugh… remembering all these…

  3. Thanks Eric,Hyesung,Dongwan ,Junjin for the stories. Though at that time I wasn’t your fan but the stories you said are interesting as how you guys fought and stay as Shinhwa till now. The incidents,mistakes,rehearsals back then must be difficult and silly but its make you laugh and remember .Only 9 fans during your first show but now its a totally different figures (10,0000 and more ) This return mark a reborn of Shinhwa I want to be a part of it. I will try to get tickets for both shows ( wish me luck )…Shinhwa with guys like Eric,Hyesung,Andy,Minwoo Dondwan and Junjin will be awesome and I’, glad and happy to be your fan.

  4. Good golly, he still remembers everything, even the names, and that was 15 years ago!

  5. Thank you for the translation Sumi.

    Proud of our Eric, it’s been 15 years. He never forget and always reconginzed his fan especially remember her name..
    Bless you Eric and I wish Jungmi can come to the 14th anniversary concert.

  6. Thank u for the translation 🙂
    There so many memories, and it still make us laugh and cheer us 😀

    I guess that 9 young fans now had bcome “ahjumma” just like me 🙂 and I hope they still be shinhwa fans until now

  7. OOOMGGG members really tweet??!!!
    hahaha accident prone Shinhwa! What accident(s) will be at the 14th Anni concert this time? 😀

    15 years and Eric still remembers her name? I wonder if Jungmi-ssi hears the shout-out 😀

    hollly there were only 9 fans during their 1st performance??? would be interesting if these 9 are back again cheering for Shinhwa on their 1st stage comeback performance next month 😛

  8. they’re such animated characters~! ♥ Can’t wait for their comeback in full force~!! ^^

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