[12.02.03] Via Interpark: Ticketing info for 2012 SHINHWA GRAND TOUR IN SEOUL “THE RETURN”

Info extracted from Interpark

– Date / Time : March 24, 2012 6PM ~ March 25, 2012 5PM
– Venue : Olympic Park Gymnastics Gymnasium (First Gymnasium)
– Cast : SHINHWA (神話)
– Ticket Price
– Reserved Seat : VIP 143,000 KRW / SR 132,000 KRW / R 110,000 KRW
– Reserved Seat : S 88,000 KRW / A 66,000 KRW
– Standing : SR 132,000 KRW
– Host : CJ E&M Corp.
– Ticket Open : Feb 13, 2012 8PM
※ Maximum number of tickets available for one person is limited to 4 per person.

“Remember the promise to comeback when we all gather together again? Now, the time has come to keep our word for the fans!”

SHINHWA is coming back after 4 years since their 10th anniversary concert at Seoul Olympic Gymnastic Stadium in March 29th, 2008.

To keep the valuable promise and return the love and emotion we received from the fans – ERIC, MIN WOO, DONG WAN, HYE SUNG, JUN JIN, ANDY – all 6 members are ready to meet the fans in the name of SHINHWA in March 24th, 2012 which is also the 14th anniversary of their debut.

Thank you so much for waiting.
My lovely all, we are soon going to meet you as SHINHWA.

“Over 10 years, 20 years, for more… SHINHWA FOREVER!”

10 thoughts on “[12.02.03] Via Interpark: Ticketing info for 2012 SHINHWA GRAND TOUR IN SEOUL “THE RETURN”

  1. Hi Guys- Shinhwa its a date, we’ll be there to celebrate with you. Its a promise lets keep it and show our affections that had been for the past 4 years. Shinhwa has Return and lets make the atmosphere BLAST , to show them we care and miss them all these time.

  2. Hey hey i am currently studying in korea and i really want to go for this! Does anyone want to go together? I dont want to go alone:/

      1. I am travelling there to see them as well ,can I also email you if I wsih to go together.hope is not a hassle.

          1. I’m thinking about going too! But it’ll only be my 4th day in Seoul and I have no one to go with me either so I’m a little scared haha. If you’re really arranging something like that – can I join as well please? 🙂

  3. wow thanks sooooooo much for the translation!!!! and could someone please instruct me on how to buy tickets on Interpark? there seems to be an English site for purchasing but i’ve never done it before so it’d be really really nice if experiences could be shared!!!

      1. I’ve did it when I purchased Shin Hyesung’s concert in December,its pretty easy as just follow the instruction when ticketing is open .The only problem is sometime the internet is jammed and many are buying at the same time, so is quite exciting.

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