[12.02.02] Pics: Eric at the KTT gym

I’m just a regular person.. I’m a bit shy so I covered my face.

Eric-sshi.. is really great.

He doesn’t shy away from tough exercises and together with the other teammates he puts in his best.
And while we were showering we were chatting about the “Korean Top Team” rash guard..
He knows everything (I think he’s a member of the MMA Daum cafe..)

His body has become much better. While working out with Korean Top Team, it’s difficult not to become better, isn’t it

Eric Mun: Looking forward to Director Hwang’s cool KTT rash guard~ See you at the gym~

Credits: Hwang Sang Jun’s Facebook page + MMA Naver Cafe + Absolut Shinhwa


And this one is with MMA fighter Jung Chan-Sung

With Shinhwa’s Eric hyungnim.. IN KOREAN TOP TEAM

Absolutely handsome ㅋㅋ — with Eric Mun at KOREAN TOP TEAM.

Eric Mun: I’ve watched almost all of your fights on TV and it was really amazing when I saw you in person at the gym~ That week fighter Yang Dong-Yi also turned up but I couldn’t greet him because I was in the midst of the class~ Korean Top Team fighting!

Credits: Jung Chan Sung’s Facebook page + Absolut Shinhwa

One thought on “[12.02.02] Pics: Eric at the KTT gym

  1. hahah Director Hwang with a batman mask is coool! 😀
    was guessing Jung Chan-Sung were the hyung-nim instead 😛

    black bell Taekwondo now MMA imma fighter boy Eric! just be careful of your back arrasso?

    *runs fingers in that cute bird nest hairs*

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