[12.02.01] X-5’s me2day pic with Junjin

Our beloved senior!! We’ve seen the Shinhwa seniors’ comeback teaser ㅠㅠ Really looking forward to it.. Heart pounding away ♡ We’ll definitely go to the concert!!

Credits: X-5’s me2day + Absolut Shinhwa

4 thoughts on “[12.02.01] X-5’s me2day pic with Junjin

  1. the family is growing- shinhwa, the boss, x-5, teen top, stellar – hope they all appear in one event ot concert (shinhwa’s special guests maybe? he he he, i’m dreaming…)

    success to all!

    1. Maybe they can be the opening acts for the guys, The Boss, X-5 and Teen Top can do all the classic hits and Shinhwa ends it in style with their new single, that would be cool. Too bad I’m wayy too far from Korea

  2. Just imagining: on March 24, the guys’ dressing room will be flooded with his juniors up to his fellow artist in his time, wishing them good luck and encouraging them, that gives me goosebumps already. Nice picture, by the way.

  3. that’s nice of the boys.
    Are they going to be in the audiences or performers at ShinCom’s concert? 🙂

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