[12.01.28] Shinhwa reaffirms March comeback… “We keep our promises”

Shinhwa has once again reaffirmed their comeback promise.

Orange banners bearing the phrase “Shinhwa, we keep our promises 20120324” have been seen in various parts of Seoul.

According to a Shinhwa rep, these banners bear Shinhwa’s message to their fans, that they have not forgotten about the comeback promise made 4 years ago. Next to Shinhwa’s banners, banners from their fanclub, Shinhwa Changjo, have also caught attention. Their banners read, “Shinhwa Changjo, we also keep our promises.”

Shinhwa went on a temporary hiatus after their 10th anniversary concert as the members successively enlisted for military service, and will share the same stage once again after 4 years. At the 10th anniversary concert, the 6 members said, “Shinhwa will come back, and we’ll be together even if we die.”

Meanwhile, with their comeback just around the corner, the members are working hard to show the fans the best of themselves by leading a disciplined lifestyle, like how they did during their early dormitory days, including setting aside time for exercise and abstaining from alcohol.

Shinhwa are working hard on preparations for their 10th album and their comeback concert, and Lee Minwoo will officially join in the preparations once he’s discharged from military duty in early March.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

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