[12.01.27] Liveworks CEO Twitter updates (from 25 Jan)


Hyesungie who got awfully nervous when told to write an opening tweet to commemorate the launch of the ShinCom Twitter account^^ So cute ㅎ. Hyesung ah let’s go out slowly like this from now onwards^^


Perhaps after the opening of the 14th anniversary comeback concert I’ll cry my heart out. Just like during the 10th anniversary concert^^ Looking at every one of the members’ tweets on the ShinCom Twitter, why do I feel a tug at my heart…

Credits: @liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa

One thought on “[12.01.27] Liveworks CEO Twitter updates (from 25 Jan)

  1. Whenever I’d attended his concert, there are many fans who are there to support him. Hyesung is one of the most wonderful ,charismatic singer i’ve seen. Perhaps he is not aware that he is the main reason I follow K-pop music., he is a great singer,performer. Nervous must NOT be in his vocabulary, he is awesome and well-like by alot of fans. As a soloist he’s done very well ,fantastic. He is gifted with a beautiful voice and talent……..Shin Hyesung you’re Great ,yes we will have a great party and celebrate 14th Anniversary -Shinhwa

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