[12.01.26] Shinhwa, “We keep our promises”… Comeback after 4 years

Working hand-in-hand with CJ E&M for the release of their 10th album and their comeback concert in March

Acknowledged as Korea’s longest-running idol group, Shinhwa will soon be making their return to the K-pop world after 4 years.

Working together with CJ E&M on their comeback, Shinhwa will be releasing their 10th album in mid-March and also holding their comeback concert on 24-25 March at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Olympic Park/

Shinhwa made their debut in March 1998 and held their 10th anniversary concert in March 2008 before the members went on to serve their military obligations, resulting in a 4 year hiatus.

During the concert, the Shinhwa members had said “We started with six people and we will end with six people” and pledged to meet 4 years later. Now they’re back to keep that promise.

The Shinhwa members have been preparing for their comeback since last year.

Last year, the 6 members personally invested to set up Shinhwa Company, with Eric and Lee Minwoo helming the company as CEOs. CJ E&M is undertaking the distribution of the album as well as the Seoul and Japan concerts. Open World Entertainment, which also holds the rights to the Shinhwa trademark, will be responsible for Shinhwa’s Asia tour.

The members are currently working hard on the recording of the album.

A rep from Shinhwa Company expressed, “From the second half of last year onwards we’ve been requesting for songs from many composers, and the members are now recording for the album. They are striving to bring music that retains Shinhwa’s style and at the same time, in line with the current music trends. They’ll be filming for the MV next month.”

Their comeback concert – with strong support from CJ E&M – will take place on a grand scale, and will feature their new songs as well as their hits. In particular, as the concert falls on 24 March, which happens to be the date of Shinhwa’s debut, the concert will also serve to commemorate Shinhwa’s 14th anniversary.

Shinhwa will officially kickstart their promotional activities once the last member Lee Minwoo completes his military service in early March.

Shinhwa is also slated to hold a press conference on 5 March, where they will release details of their album and Asia tour.

Shinhwa Company’s official Twitter account has just been launched, while a large banner reading “Shinhwa, we keep our promises” will be put up on Gangnam-daero (Gangnam Avenue) on the afternoon of 27th Jan.

A Shinhwa Company rep explained, “The meaning behind this is to signify that the members have kept the promise they made to their fanclub Shinhwa Changjo at the 10th anniversary concert, that they will be coming back.”

He added, “Although many idol groups have emerged, as a group that has gone on for more than 10 years without any change of members, Shinhwa’s comeback will be even more meaningful.”

Credits: Yonhap News + Absolut Shinhwa

4 thoughts on “[12.01.26] Shinhwa, “We keep our promises”… Comeback after 4 years

  1. Reunited after a 4-year break, its an achievement as the longest running group in Korea and the committments/promise they made with the fans – its an honor to be part of it.My favourite member is always Shin Hyesung as I admired his talent/music and most of all his vocal that can turn any song so beautiful.During Shinhwa break I’d attended his (SHS) concerts and each time he sing some of the Shinhwa’s songs its so beautiful and awesome. I cannot wait for the concert to happen on 24th March. My wish is to let us (foreign) to able to get tickets soon . I’m so excited about the event and really ,sincerely want to be part of the “big” celebrartion with them….I’ve been waiting and want to see my wish/dream come true……I’m keeping my finger cross to see you 6 guys..!!!!!

  2. Totally can’t keep my excitement!!!! I can’t wait I can’t wait!!!! I want to go Korea to “witness” their comeback concert, hope details will release soon!

    Note: there’s a typo: “… and held their 10th anniversary concert in March 1998…”, should be 2008?

  3. For me personally, it’s like Christmas day, Valentine’s day, my college graduation day and my birthday all rolled into one, or in Sponge Bob’s words, “it’s the best day, everrrrr”.

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