[12.01.25] Pics: Eric at Barunmadi Medicine Clinic

Eric visited this clinic that practices traditional Korean medicine, for physiotherapy on his back… presumably the old injury that he sustained back in 2005 ㅜㅜ

If I’m not wrong, Minwoo visited this same clinic not too long ago to get shots for his severe flu…

Source: blog.naver.com/barunmadi

9 thoughts on “[12.01.25] Pics: Eric at Barunmadi Medicine Clinic

  1. Pardon my ignorant, what is a Barunmadi medicine ?Is it very effective treatment for physical injury and is in Seoul ?
    Old injury is always difficult to recover and have to be very careful on it , Eric have to take good care of his back or it can be very painful and lots of discomfort. we have a promise to meet on 24th march, so be okay and up !! Also congrats on Shinhwa Company – CEOs and the shareholders all so good looking ,take care and be well !

    1. That’s the name of the clinic… I think it basically practises traditional Korean medicine, similar to traditional Chinese medicine. And yes the clinic is in Seoul.

      1. Thanks for the info, hope it work for Eric, See you in March 24th (if I can get ticket) get well soon ,leader,Ceo Shinhwa Company – I like it

  2. I swear Eric REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY love beanie and oversized sweatshirt 😛

    Hope his back is okay…. it’s going to limit his dancing big time

    1. I think you’re right Phi, I see him with beanie and sweater so many times, I do hope he and the rest of the guys are okay!

      1. hahah IKR? pretty much beanie very where he goes XDDD

        I think the guys are ok, though Minwoo had been stressed and sick lately. He looks quite thin from the latest selca on ShinhwaCompany tweet. Hope he’s in good health now.

        This back problem from the old injury of Eric probably not gone away at all… it’s probably just acting up & more prominent from the dance practice. He was in pain & limping out to the car right after Shinhwa last concert in 2008

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