[12.01.22] Fans are thrilled about ‘promise-dols’ Shinhwa’s March concert

Fans could not hide their delight after receiving news that Korea’s longest-running idol group Shinhwa will be holding their comeback concert in March. This is because Shinhwa is returning to their side after 4 years, and celebrating their 14 years together with the members safely discharged from military service.

It has been confirmed that Shinhwa will be holding their comeback concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul on 24 March.

One of the largest performance venues in Korea, the Olympic Gymnastics Arena is also the place where Shinhwa held their last concert in March 2008 before the members left for military service. At the concert back then, Shinhwa’s Eric, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Shin Hyesung, Junjin and Andy said, “Shinhwa will definitely come back, and we’ll be together even if we die.”

The last of the members to complete military service, Lee Minwoo will be officially discharged in early March and Shinhwa will fulfill their promise to the fans at the 14th anniversary concert.

On hearing the news about Shinhwa’s comeback concert, fans expressed their excitement through the Internet and various forms of social media: “Shinhwa are promise-dols”, “I was already excited when I heard news about Shinhwa’s comeback”, “We’ll always be together with the oppas too”, “I must be successful in getting the tickets”.

Shinhwa was formed in 1998 and has maintained the original member line-up of Eric, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Shin Hyesung, Junjin and Andy for 14 years, becoming the longest-running idol group in Korea. Shinhwa is now recording for their album to be released in March.

Credits: Star News + Absolut Shinhwa

3 thoughts on “[12.01.22] Fans are thrilled about ‘promise-dols’ Shinhwa’s March concert

  1. Having waited for 4 years, naturally,obvisously we are excited about the comeback concert.Since the news about the return, I’ve been consciously looking out for the ticketing news, this is the definitely Concert for this Year Shinhwa is the reason I like Kpop music, they are also the icon of Kpop scene. Voice of Shin Hyesung- mesmerising, Minwoo and Dongwan singing captivating, rappers Eric,Junjin and Andy – awesome. Thier harmony too is fantastic which make their songs evergreen. They promised to be back as 6 , I am waiting for them impatiently……..its March and I’ll make it a dtae (keeping my fingers crossed for tickets) with them. I’m sure it will be grand, wild, awesome concert…fighting Shinhwa !

  2. Promise-dols, promise idols, I kinda like it, after all they’ll soon fulfill the promise to return to action, which happens to be in the same arena, cool!

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