[12.01.11] More fanpics: Eric’s Shanghai fanmeeting (7 Jan)

Boy do I love Shinhwa Changjo and their expensive cameras… LOL I still prefer Eric at his clean-cut best ^^

And also introducing a fellow SHCJ who will be joining me to update you with photos, videos and info of all things Shinhwa, and she should be making her first post pretty soon…^^ Absolutely grateful for your help, welcome aboard LaLa님!

Credits: Eric Baidu Bar + logo on pics

13 thoughts on “[12.01.11] More fanpics: Eric’s Shanghai fanmeeting (7 Jan)

  1. Hello LaLa! Thank you that you will be helping this site. **”hugs”, “mwah!”**
    all the shinhwa boys are looking great, as if they never aged for the past 4 years.

    Jan 12, 2012 (3:41pm)

  2. Thx for these great pictures of our leader. Greeting and warm hug to LaLa from Pat in Indonesia.
    P.S: my heartbeat actually beats a fit faster now, Eric really looks HOT in suits!

  3. gosh thanks for HD cameras!

    Handsome namja is handsome. *SQUEALS*

    I’m going to be greedy and ask for trans of fans’ accounts if it’s all possible? *puppy eyes* 😀

    1. Since we’re all stans of the “King of the GREEDY Sun” LOLOL

      🙂 I’ll TRY to make some time for it within this week… ^^

      1. LAMAAAOOOO I just saw “King of the GREEDY Sun”! hahaha

        *flashes heart dance in advance*

        will do the samba when it’s posted, that’s my bribe heh!

          1. oooops I meant bribe not bride up there wahaha…

            don’t be sorry, when you can. Thanks as always 🙂

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