[12.01.10] Liveworks CEO Twitter updates: Longevity idols, rockheads and promise idols


Recently Shinhwa has often been tagged with the expression jangsu-dol (longevity idols) but isn’t there anything more stylish? Jeonseol-dol (legend idols)? Only One-dol (Only One idols)? Yoo-Il-Moo-Ee-dol (One and Only idols)? ^^



There are really a lot of original yet appropriate expressions, I’m amazed looking at the replies^^ But as I read this I cracked up… Jjang-dol ㅋㅋㅋ (jjang means best -> best idols, but jjangdol also means rockhead)



Yaksok-dol (promise idols)… That’s a meaningful expression… There are many groups who stand on stage and tell their fans that “we’ll never ever break up” but have unfortunately failed to stand by their promise, but Shinhwa has really stuck by their words, and Shinhwa fans too… A few days ago I was already checking up the definition of “promise” in the dictionary ^^

Credits: @liveworks + Absolut Shinhwa


2 thoughts on “[12.01.10] Liveworks CEO Twitter updates: Longevity idols, rockheads and promise idols

  1. My understanding is Shinhwa is a” myth”- I don’t know much about Korean history or myththology but these 6 healthy young men from youngsters into men (after military ,except SHS) have proven nothing will break them up .They are great,fantasic singers/performers and stressed ” unity is strength” .They are much admired idols group in Korea as they stayed together all these years and now also are executives and shareholders to their own Shinwa Company,they are legends to the Korean pop,rockers,singers,dancers……legendary Shinhwa Forever – a great,solid,Kpop group.

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