[12.01.02] Longest-running idol group Shinhwa gearing up for March comeback

Backtracking and catching up on some news from last week ^^ Looks like the plan is for the concert to happen on 24 March – that is if nothing screws up along the way…..


“Members are now recording in strict secrecy for new album”

With the members returning from military service, Shinhwa is now officially gearing up for their comeback in March.

A rep from Shinhwa’s management told Newsen on 2 Jan that “The members are now recording for their comeback album to be released in March.”

Shinhwa had officially announced the setting up of Shinhwa Company with funds injected by the 6 Shinhwa members Eric, Lee Minwoo, Kim Dongwan, Shin Hyesung, Junjin and Andy. All of Shinhwa’s group activities will also be managed by Shinhwa Company.

13 years after their debut, Shinhwa has rewritten history as the longest-running idol group. When the members were successively departing for military service, the group had stated that the comeback will take place after all the members are discharged from military service. As the members gradually return from the army, they have already embarked on the project to keep the promise.

Shinhwa will be releasing their album in mid-March, followed by their 14th anniversary concert on 24 March. Shinhwa Company was set up in 1 July last year and co-CEOs Eric and Lee Minwoo will lead the group in all their activities.

Meanwhile, Open World Entertainment, who holds the rights to the “Shinhwa” trademark, has agreed to license the trademark to Shinhwa Company. In addition, Open World now owns the copyrights to all of Shinhwa’s overseas performances, and making use of their know-how from previous Shinhwa concert tours, has already started work on a structured Asian tour project.

Undertaking the director roles of Shinhwa Company are Top Class Entertainment CEO Choi Byung Min and Liveworks Company CEO Lee Jang Eon. Top Class Entertainment, who also manages Eric’s solo activities, will be in charge of Shinhwa’s overall management including broadcast PR. Liveworks Company will be supporting all other components including album and concert production as well as press PR.

Credits: Newsen + Absolut Shinhwa

One thought on “[12.01.02] Longest-running idol group Shinhwa gearing up for March comeback

  1. Great so its 24th March 2012 (tentatively) I am gearing to book for it. This time I really hope the oversea ticketing agent will not block too many seats and leave those foreign fans (like me) sincerely want to get good viewing seats to see them.I had a not please encounter when I book SHS concert recently for the seating as I see so many good seats are open for booking after I booked .
    Shinhwa comeback is the highlight of event in my calendar this year- cannot wait. To see them again is ever fan wish and hope .Shinhwa forever.

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