[12.01.01] A preview of the K-pop weather map for 2012

(Only relevant content is translated – all other parts omitted)

◆ Juniors, move out of the way! The arrival of longest-running idol group Shinhwa

There’s no bigger issue than this for K-pop in 2012 – the comeback of the longest-running idol group Shinhwa. Shinhwa will be releasing their 10th full album this coming March and will be returning to the music scene through extensive promotional activities including broadcast appearances. In addition, starting with their Seoul concert, they’re also planning for a Asian concert tour that will take them to 5-6 countries including Japan and China.

Shinhwa, celebrating their 14th anniversary this year, is the one and only group to have kept its original member line-up intact. The members, who are currently involved in solo activities, have set up their own management company Shinhwa Company and are now preparing for their company step by step. Once hit by speculations over internal rifts, Shinhwa will be releasing their 10th album four years after their 9th album, putting an end to such rumours.

Industry players are welcoming Shinhwa’s comeback with enthusiasm. They feel that although there is free competition in the music industry regardless of seniority, Shinhwa’s comeback will bring positive effects to the whole industry. An industry insider said, “Shinhwa’s comeback is a good thing as they are good examples for the juniors to emulate. Everyone has already been anticipating what kind of legend Shinhwa will be writing for the music industry.”

Credits: Joynews24 + Absolut Shinhwa

4 thoughts on “[12.01.01] A preview of the K-pop weather map for 2012

  1. Dun’t miss S’pore please!!… I’ve been waiting for Shinhwa concert for years….6 years…Pleaseee…..!!

  2. Shinhwa, Shinhwa -the group whose name is worth saying many times over and over again, as they are committed, talented guys love the music, friendship . Yes everyone is anticipationg their return ,yes they are stressed because being not on stage as 6 for awhile.,but we also know they are Shinhwa and they are able to make good music and have fun again on stage like they use to be….just have fun and be happy guys.

  3. I’m very excited but can I just say I’m worried for Shinhwa’s health? They must be feeling a huge amount of stress/pressure from the media and public’s expectation T_T I know their comeback will be epic in my eyes but not everyone is a Changjo. Look at Minwoo! Hope they don’t stress out too much because nothing beats staying healthy~hwaiting!

  4. I agree with the first sentence, juniors, move out of the way, make room for your seniors…and watch and learn!

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