[12.01.09] Minwoo’s Facebook updates (25 Dec 2011-7 Jan 2012)

25th Dec

Facebook friends^^ Merry Christmas~ I want to go skiing

30th Dec
Year-end… Music award ceremonies… Year-end parties.. While everyone’s head is spinning, I’m having a beer and dreaming of a revival~ Shinhwa will hit the jackpot in 2012, the Year of the Black Dragon!

31 Dec

(unknown): Fire~!!
Eric: Fire~!
Minwoo: Okie dokie
Junjin: Everyone have a blessed New Year 🙂 🙂
Hyesung: Have a blessed New Year 😉
Minwoo: They say it’s a good year for those born in the Year of the Goat
Since we have 4 Goats
It’s gonna be a great year, have a blessed New Year
Love you~~♥ everyone
Hyesung: Goat goat goat

Happy New Year to our Kingie too~~
Where did you come from?

1 Jan
1 Jan 2012, one day is really short~ Sun, see you tomorrow! My eyes are hurting from looking ‎

4th Jan

Mom didn't even get to drink a sip of the coffee ㅋ And spilled it all Used up more than half of the napkin ㅜㅠ Ah... They've already closed for the day ㅠ

5th Jan

Bought coffee. After swiping the card~ "Congratulations~ You've won a free drink coupon^^" The first blessing in the new year~ ㅋㅋ

6th Jan
I really want to leave for a faraway place to rest~!!

7th Jan
Tonight’s a night where I want to have a cool~~~ beerㅜㅠ Having to stay at home is killing me… This damn songwriting!! Someone relieve my stress~ Please!!!!!!!!

(Comments come in to encourage him, telling him to rest, hang in there, have some chocolate to relieve stress etc)

Eric Mun: I’ll have it on your behalf, Minwoo yah hang in there. All the beer and chocolate, I’ll have them for you, for your sake……

Credits: Minwoo’s FB page + Absolut Shinhwa

5 thoughts on “[12.01.09] Minwoo’s Facebook updates (25 Dec 2011-7 Jan 2012)

  1. Minwoo has been very thin lately. The stress with producing the 10th jib stress him out a lot which makes him more vulnerable to colds & flu. We have faith in you & the gang Minu ah!

    hahaha Eric & his usual quirky ways to of support <3333

  2. Hahahahahaha MY god leader is still the same crazy alien 4D friend, always there for the members…and i hope Minwoo rest properly, also all Shinhwa, their comeback is around the corner and they will need all the energy. This will be the comeback and the year of Shinhwa.

  3. Take it easy for a while MW, just relax for a day or two, and you’ll be fine. And just in case you find it hard to sleep with all those stressful thoughts, a mug of warm chocolate milk and a little prayer always works for me. GBU, brother!!

  4. Minwoo,Shinhwa guys do have a Blessed year 2012. I am looking forward to the Shinhwa reunion and am anticipating to see you and the rest on stage.being able to be with your buddies for the past 10++ years is not anybody can do it, be able to write songs also not anyone can do the task- it had to be gifted and given Minwoo you have the talent to make the comeback happen with the rest of Eric,Hyesung,Junjin, Dongwan and Andy .It show you have the capability ,now you’re just stressed out.I’d just returned from Korea after Shin Hyesung’s concert, the build up for the Shinhwa ‘s comeback its fantastioc, with him sing Shinhwa’s songs..I am looking forward to it and I know Minwoo is great………….fighting !!!!!

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