[12.01.04] Shinhwa to star in their own jTBC variety show for comeback (via allkpop)

via allkpop

THIS IS GONNA BE SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shinhwa‘s been talking about their March comeback for almost a year now, and there are now talks of a variety show to accompany the return!

According to industry officials, Shinhwa will be starring in their very own variety show through jTBC sometime around March to coincide with their comeback album release. The program will begin airing after SNSD‘s ‘SNSD and the Dangerous Boys‘, but the title and format have yet to be decided.

Shinhwa has had their entire group guest on variety shows before, but this will be their first time running their own show.

Shinhwa’s representatives stated, “We have received an offer from jTBC but we are actually receiving other offers from the three public networks as well so we’re trying to balance everything out.”

Source + Photos: CBS via Naver


14 thoughts on “[12.01.04] Shinhwa to star in their own jTBC variety show for comeback (via allkpop)

  1. 10th jib release, concerts tours, variety shows, TV appearances & other promo activities…… I definitely don’t want the job of scheduling it’s going to be nut coordinate everything….

    They had said before they want to do their own show, now it becomes reality. Can’t wait to see what Shinhwa has in store for variety show. 😀

  2. I don’t know why people always make fun of Dong Wan as if he is not as popular as the other members…He is funny, carefree, kind and he has a really cute smile… =)

    I saw so many groups on variety shows before but I enjoy watching Shinhwa whenever they are on variety shows because you see how carefree they are and the bond between them, how comfortable they are being with each other…I wish them a huge success =)

  3. Oh, I do really hope that somehow I can see the show with english subs, that would be beautiful for me.

  4. Wow, running their own show? It’s just getting better and better, good luck with everything guys!


    ha, ha, ha, i will have the hardest time looking where to downloads these shows if ever, not to mention understanding them….
    i wonder what format will it be – shinhwa the best!
    happy new year to all shinhwa fans (“,)

    Jan 4, 2012 (5:20pm)

  6. Yahhhh first Shinhwa´s Show AMAZING…sooo happy this will be sooo funny, i hope the can choice the right format and maybe some good script writer for the old V-shows can work in that….Happy Happy.

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