[11.12.22] Fanpics: Eric’s impromptu fansigning session in Japan

Credits: Weibo (see user names on pics) + Twitter (cuz_you, yumic216, mio23rp, kazuko0218, erican2star, stoneyuco)

10 thoughts on “[11.12.22] Fanpics: Eric’s impromptu fansigning session in Japan

  1. yes, Mr. Mun, Shinhwa´s company CEO. kekekeke he relly looks good and handsome. March please hurry up.

  2. i can’t wait for them to perform next year. Miss phie are you going to Korea next year? IK’ really curious about you, coz you seem to be so updated regarding Eric and i really really want to know a lot about him, maybe you can help me?

    1. hehe I’m hopping to go to Korea for Shinhwa’s comeback concert. Hope we can meet. Where are you from Donna?

      It’s actually a lot of digging, surfing on the web and making new friends that makes me know about him a little more than I used to and the affection just grows fonder with time 😀

      Sumi, sorry, I’m trolling your blog 😛

  3. Eric the CEO , the charismatic one, the actor and most of all Leader of the band (Shinhwa).Merry Christmas

  4. He’s like a student working hard on his exam paper in this pic 😛

    This is a jealous pic! so close……….. so close……….

    Loving this one

    Nice seeing Eric having a good time & enjoying the fans’ company

    1. @phi can you tell me more about eric, does he have a girlfriend now or dating someone? What will be next after spy myungwol? well of course aside from their impending concert which i”m not going to miss, that’s why i want to know if you are going to korea next year on their reunion. thanks n happy holidays

      1. Wish I have a crystal ball 🙂

        No one knows if Eric or any Shinhwa member is dating but we all know he’s looking right? from his tweet previously 😀

        What’s next after SMW, I hope another drama later this year after Shinhwa wrap up the group activities? If he decides to take a break or not eying any potential drama/movie, then we probably have to wait till 2013 😦 In any case I wish he has better luck next time cus we know he’s very capable. 😀

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