[11.12.18] Dongwan’s photolog: Momo Way

Being in the vicinity of my alma mater after a long long while, I came across a small cafe~
Momo Way located at the entrance of Yeoksam High School

Though I never thought of studying in cafes before
The atmosphere here is really conducive for studying.

The dependable shoulders of the boss who’s doing her utmost to prepare my coffee~
Come here and study~ㅋ

Credits: Dongwan’s Naver blog + Absolut Shinhwa


2 thoughts on “[11.12.18] Dongwan’s photolog: Momo Way

  1. I am avid coffee lover ,the picture tells a thousand words. I’m sure they serve beautiful coffee.If able to study in such place with the aroma floating in the air ,the concentration level is high and its will energised work ant study.

  2. Wow, a cafe near your High School, that’s cool. Btw, DW should really consider photography as his side job next to becoming an entertainer, all his pictures are great!!

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