[11.12.15] Partial translations of Eric’s Facebook video of the blackout

Just some parts that I can make out… Please feel free to top up where you can 🙂

The front bit mainly consists of Eric getting everyone to say hi to the camera, and highly recommending a flashlight app to the Liveworks CEO, saying something like it will be of the greatest help to him in his life… And then Dongwan also talks about the energy/power situation in Korea…

Around 1:50 –
Eric: Even if there’s no light give us our food
DW: Please give us candles first!
MW: Don’t you know? There’s an event, that’s why it’s like this
DW: Please give us the cake!
Eric: SNSD you can come out now, come out!
DW: *sings birthday song*
MW: How long more are you going to record this for?
Eric: I can’t find the button

Around 3:50 –
CEO: When are you getting discharged?
MW: Me? 2 March
CEO: Delayed again?
MW: It was supposed to be 3 March.
CEO: Wasn’t it supposed to be 17 Feb?
Eric: Looks like we should end here. Doesn’t look like the lights are going to come on. Let’s wrap things up
DW: Because there’s no power today we’ll go to the practice studio, thank you everyone.

7 thoughts on “[11.12.15] Partial translations of Eric’s Facebook video of the blackout

  1. Hahaha!! Just reading this before watching the actual video is already making me smile! Thanks for the translation. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the trans, it so cute that they still talk like its 3 years ago (before army). I thought they have become man -yes 2nd is one day earlier than 3rd so it still make the difference. Shinhwa guys being together is one fun outing !

  3. hahaha Eric seems to be some what tech savy? 😀

    I didn’t know Minbong’s discharge date is actually March 02, has thought February all this long………

    what’s with the cake and singing birthday song? it was some birthday celebration? 😀

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