[11.12.14] Eric’s Facebook video update (taken during the blackout)

credits: eric’s fb page

9 thoughts on “[11.12.14] Eric’s Facebook video update (taken during the blackout)

  1. Wow they are still having a great time in the dark,It show Shinhwa is forever anytime,anywhere and any situation.Wish there is a translation ,kind of interested to understand their conversation.
    In situation like them in the dark, imagine Eric comes in the “Scream” ( I hope I am correct)mask, it will be imaginable !!

  2. wow!!! some things never change…..trust SHINHWA to think of taking a vid in the dark!!! hahahaha!!!

  3. Hi there, can someone tell me what are they talking about during the blackout? Thx, Shinhwa is awesome, still can have fun even during the power failure, thx for sharing

  4. that’s why I love them so much…they are completely weird and funny and far away from being normal XD can’t wait for them to come bakc <33
    thanks for sharing the video ^-^

  5. Thanks for the vid.. i really enjoyed it and watched it several times..

    the part that Eric said… SNSD can come out now…

    and in the dark, Minwoo ordering Jjang Bong…

    they are just too adorable!!


    I’m watching this without sound and still cracking me up seeing these ‘ghosts’ HAHAHAHA

    Turning a blackout to a ghost game, totally Shinhwa territory. Oh how I love these ‘weirdos’

    Is it a coincident that the meet-up is on their 100 days to the 14th Anniversary? 🙂

    thanks for the vid Sumi

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